Greg Jager – Decostruzione Ricostruzione


In Genoa, Greg Jager paints an anamorphic mural on a school, to find a new point of view.

Greg Jager has painted an anamorphosis mural in Certosa, Genoa. Certosa is the district of Genoa which has been most affected by the collapse of the Morandi bridge in 2018. This unimaginable tragedy saw 43 people lose their lives. The tragedy has also seen close to 600 people displaced from their homes.Continue reading “Greg Jager – Decostruzione Ricostruzione”

David Petroni new geometric mural in Buenos Aires

Argentinian visual artist David Petroni has recently completed his latest geometric inspired works. The artist created the mural as part of a public art project in San Martin, an industrial area on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Continue reading “David Petroni new geometric mural in Buenos Aires”

Interview with Riak (Bastian Prendes)

I first ‘met’ Riak or Bastian the Jail as he was known back then last year at a festival near Barcelona. I’d seen his work on Instagram and really liked what I saw. As is often the case here I got a bit language shy and didn’t go and say hello. Of course Bastian speaks amazing English having had a Scottish girlfriend at one point. But I didn’t know this until I messaged him on Instagram about doing this interview. I’ve been waiting on this interview for a while now but it’s been worth the wait! Check it out below. Continue reading “Interview with Riak (Bastian Prendes)”

Octavi Serra for Contorno Urbano

A larger wall is sought, the new Octavi Serra Mural for Urbano Contorno in Barcelona.

  • The artist Octavi Serra, reflects with his last mural on the inexhaustible desire to cover everything. And how that idea consumes us.
  • Last mural of the 12 + 1 Barcelona 2019 project.  Will now give way to an collective exhibition which will bring together all the artists who have been successful in the project throughout the year.

The work of the artist, designer and photographer from Girona, Octavi Serra, focuses on capturing the irony, truisms and frustrations of modern life.Continue reading “Octavi Serra for Contorno Urbano”

Etnik new mural σύμπαν in Paris

Etnik completes his platonic solid series with σύμπαν in Paris

Swedish/Italian artist Etnik has completed his mural series inspired by the five Platonic solids. The artist has already painted murals as part of this series in Jacksonville, Greece, Millancay and London.Continue reading “Etnik new mural σύμπαν in Paris”