Hot Pixel – Joan Cabrer for Contorno Urbano

The 12+1 urban art project in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat near Barcelona continues this month with their latest intervention “HOT PIXEL” by Joan Cabrer - Nature and digital aesthetics Native from Mallorca and trained in Fine Arts in Barcelona, Joan Cabrer has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Spain and Portugal. He has been a resident... Continue Reading →

El Festival Barcelona

A few weeks back I was invited to a French music festival (El Festival) held in Barcelona by the lovely Fabienne of Artevistas Gallery a contemporary art gallery in the heart of the city. The reason for my invite wasn't to sample the delights of the French music scene, the less said about that the better, or... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #11

Less is more is the motto of this piece by NSN997 Crew in the bowels of La Tabacalera. It was pretty hard to get good shots of this one due to the thin pathways in the basement so the piece doesn't stick out too well in the photos.  However up close the piece features two smiling... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #17

This weeks Wednesday wall is a bit different in that it's in one of my least visited locations within Barcelona and it's one of those spots I generally only go when I specifically know there is something I want to see there instead of just taking my chances. Plus the last time I was there... Continue Reading →

Off Sonar Barcelona 2018

A few months back I was asked to be a part of an event for Off Sonar 2018 which would involve five street artists live painting at the event whilst the DJ's and house/DnB lovers did their thing in the arena. It all fell a bit silent for a few months but the week before... Continue Reading →

3 of the best – Weekly round up

This weeks round up is going to be short and sweet, mainly as I am writing it right now, as in right now, Monday morning! The ever increasing heat in Barcelona and the world cup is making me a little bit lethargic so it's some very last minute typing before work this morning! As always... Continue Reading →

Street art Lisbon #11

There really should be a law passed banning car parking in front of murals. If I was ever made street art czar that would be the first thing on my to do list. This piece by Aleksei Bordusov aka Aec Interesni Kazki was one of those random finds whilst ambling around Lisbon on the Saturday... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #10

As you can see even with my shocking photography skills on display, Cranio Artes graced La Tabacalera with two smalls works in the basement. Now regarding the photography here, in my defence my battery was almost out and we were heading out of La Tabacalera with some friends to go for some food and we were on... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #16

It's been a while since I've seen the work of Ru8icon1 on the streets of Barcelona as the artist has been incredibly busy painting up a storm in the states, mainly New Jersey and Philadelphia. I actually think he might split his time equally between Philly and Barna which is maybe why he's here a little... Continue Reading →

Roc Blackblock – Wool Urban Art Festival

On June 17th 2017 Portugal suffered as 64 people lost their lives and another 134 were injured in the tragic Pedrógão Grande fire. As part of this years Wool Festival in Covilha the organisers felt that they wanted to create a tribute to the many volunteer firefighters from the region who year on year have to risk... Continue Reading →

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