La Tabacalera #10

As you can see even with my shocking photography skills on display, Cranio Artes graced La Tabacalera with two smalls works in the basement. Now regarding the photography here, in my defence my battery was almost out and we were heading out of La Tabacalera with some friends to go for some food and we were on […]

Wednesday wall of fame #16

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the work of Ru8icon1 on the streets of Barcelona as the artist has been incredibly busy painting up a storm in the states, mainly New Jersey and Philadelphia. I actually think he might split his time equally between Philly and Barna which is maybe why he’s here a little […]

Roc Blackblock – Wool Urban Art Festival

On June 17th 2017 Portugal suffered as 64 people lost their lives and another 134 were injured in the tragic Pedrógão Grande fire. As part of this years Wool Festival in Covilha the organisers felt that they wanted to create a tribute to the many volunteer firefighters from the region who year on year have to risk […]