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I’m on the move again this week, I’ve just arrived at my hotel in Antwerp after spending the weekend in Rotterdam for POW WOW festival and the street art awards. Unfortunately I had zero time to write this post so I am writing it about five minutes before you read it.

Again this week features three absolute beauties from the street art world. First up is the header piece by Galician artist Xav which he created for last years Parees festival.

Xav for Parees Fest 2017
Xav for Parees Fest 2017

This wall is simply stunning. No words I can use will ever do it justice! It features a hyper-realistic skull surrounded by flying doves and is just incredibly detailed. I think what I like best about it is that the wet mouldy wall actually adds to the depth of colours and details. The green moss at the bottom of the wall giving the skull the feel that it really is 6 feet under.

Next up is this beautiful piece by the French stencil master Christian Guemy AKA C215. I found this piece in a doorway in the town of Sabadell to the north west of Barcelona. I was there to do some hunting for Treze pieces and luckily came across this one on my travels.

C215 in Sabadell, Catalunya.
C215 in Sabadell, Catalunya.

This touching stencil is of a famous photograph but the name of the photographer escapes me in my sleep deprived state. Sorry about that. As always with C215 the stencil is wonderfully detailed and his use of colours is second to none. The electric blue on this one really is magical.

Last up this week is this wall by Alejandro Chinea and is on a wall of fame near the beach of Barcelona. It’s a wall of fame I don’t visit all that often due to it’s location but I really am missing out if there’s pieces like this there.

Alejandro Chinea in Barcelona.
Alejandro Chinea in Barcelona.

This small wall is really abstract in it’s design but I prefer to call it melty. The way that the eye on the right hand side looks like it’s dripping down the wall gives it that melty ice cream look. I’m a really big fan of the colours on this one also, really bright and bold and it’s all very clean looking. Not something you would usually say about melted ice cream.


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