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The weekly round up is back after a one week absence. I was in the UK last week and had planned on doing the piece when I arrived back in BCN on the Monday night. Seeing as I arrived back in my house around midnight I decided to give the column the week off! Lazy? Yes, most definitely.

Regular readers will know I love the work of Saturno although I rarely ever get to see it physically as he spends a lot of time in the States these days. Thankfully there are still a lot of unknown spots around Catalonia where his older work remains, pretty much untouched.

This one is from a dried river bed in the beach town of Lloret de Mar and features the villain Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Krang has been turned into a pretty juicy looking burger and looks none to pleased about it. As usual from Saturno the piece is full of really great colours and details like the burger juices oozing out at the bottom. Top work.

Saturno in Lloret de Mar.
Saturno in Lloret de Mar.

As I mentioned at the start, I was in the UK last weekend and I had a few hours in both Liverpool and Manchester to search out a few pieces. One piece that wasn’t on my search list but that I did stumble across is this lovely little one by Tankpetrol. This small box like structure is situated in the heart of the norther quarter and is part of Outhouse MCR’s ongoing public art project.

The piece itself is of a young model called Klara Patelska who is resplendent in various shades of blues and greens whilst she looks pensively back at the street behind her. The location of the box makes it look like the girl is looking back whilst trying to escape from something or someone behind her.

Tankpetrol in Manchester.
Tankpetrol in Manchester.

Last up is this incredible wall by Belgian artist Smok in Antwerp. I was lucky enough to be shown around Antwerp by the co-founder of the street art cities app, Tim Marschang. If it wasn’t for Tim, or his app, I would have had great difficulty finding this piece. It’s tucked away on a ‘cool wall’ down the back of a bar. .

The owner is a huge fan of street art and has commissioned various artists to paint the area. For this piece he got Smok involved and the artist painted this hyper-realistic polar bear. I like Smok’s work which focuses heavily on animals but this particular piece is one of his best, in my humble opinion. The polar bear looks so incredibly life like and those little air bubbles coming from it’s nose are a wonderful addition to the piece.

Smok in Antwerp.
Smok in Antwerp.

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