3 of the best – Weekly round up

This weeks round up is going to be a little shorter than usual. I have been at a festival just outside of Barcelona documenting all of the painting since Friday. And I am feeling the effects!

It’s amazing how tiring it is just standing around taking photos of artists at work. I dread to think how they must feel after three days of spraying!

Ok so first up is this absolute beauty by Italian artist Alice Pasquini  in my home town of Aberdeen. This piece was created as part of Nuart’s first edition in the city in 2017. For me on a personal level, seeing an artist like Alice come to Aberdeen is mind blowing. It was not a city know for it’s street art scene but since Nuart things are changing and mostly for the better.

This piece is typical Alice Pasquini, beautiful portrait work with some lush splashes of colour. That window reflection isn’t half bad either, thanks for the placement Alice!

Alice Pasquini for Nuart Aberdeen 2017.
Alice Pasquini for Nuart Aberdeen 2017.

Next is this tribute piece by my good friend, Tim Marsh. This warehouse front piece was done as part of his on-going Poblezoo project. It was also a tribute to his long term feline buddy Loofy who passed away recently.

This double sided door is a wonderful tribute to Loofy, full of colour and emotion. I find it pretty amazing how all those triangles and circles come together to create, in this instance, a cat. Credit to Tim for being able to see how to pull it all together because my poor brain just does not work that way!

Tim Marsh in Barcelona.
Tim Marsh in Barcelona.

The final piece this week is from Mancunian artist Jay Sharples with his ubiquitous gorilla character. I stumbled across this outhouse? In the Northern Quarter of Manchester whilst searching for some work done for the Cities of hope project.

In amongst all those big murals by big name artists this piece by Jay more than holds it own. I found a few of pieces whilst in town and they all just ‘pop’ out of the surface so well. I’m not sure if that is because of the bright colours or maybe those super thick black lines. Either way it’s an amazing piece by an artist who’s work I really enjoy.

Jay Sharples in Manchester.
Jay Sharples in Manchester.

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