La Tabacalera #5

Regular readers will remember me having a moan about parked cars on a previous La Tabacalera post... well this was the second wall that that same parked van managed to interfere with. Two great artists, two great walls one giant white van in the way. Anyway, there's enough of the piece to share so I'l... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #11

As you can see I'm not sticking to the wall of fame subject all that well and I'm more just picking random pieces from random walls instead of a popular legal spot. Guess that's the privilege of being in charge of the blog, I can make it up as I go along. This weeks wall... Continue Reading →

Street art Lisbon #7

This wall was one of those that could easily be missed whilst focussing on other things. I found this one whilst out of Lisbon checking out some pieces I had seen from the train window whilst on my way to Quinta do Mocho. Like Quinta the whole suburb is full of huge building sized murals... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #4

It took a little while to get a good shot of this piece by Alaniz as I couldn't decide if I wanted to get the jugglers in the shot or if wanted a clean shot only. In the end I just went with both therefore ending the eternal battle in my head of including people or not... Continue Reading →

3 of the best – Weekly round up

Monday... the start of the week, a bank holiday in the UK  (and for me in Spain) and also time for the No Grey Walls weekly round up. This weekend I was in a small village called Penelles, about 1.5hrs from Barcelona for the excellent Gargar Festival. This was my first visit to the festival and it surpassed even... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #3

The curse of the parked car... I'm pretty sure every street art photographer is faced with this problem when they go out shooting but man does it feel like drivers do it on purpose sometimes. I can't quite figure out why this van is parked here - in the middle of a public space inside... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #9

This week's Wednesday wall is a collaborative effort between French artists Abys and Scaf Oner. I normally hate sharing walls that are covered in so much shade but I was limited in time to go and see this wall before it was buffed and of course the sunshine in Barna plays havoc with shooting at certain times... Continue Reading →

Weekly round up – 3 of the best

It's yet another Monday morning which means one thing round these parts... the No grey walls weekly round up. This week is an absolute belter as the Instagram algorithm gods were feeling generous and shared my posts to slightly more than 1% of my followers for once. Extremely good of them I'm sure you will agree. This... Continue Reading →

Street art Lisbon #6

It's been a while since I've done a street art Lisbon post so I've decided to share two walls in one post with this double header from Brazilian artist Utopia. The header piece is a collaborative one alongside Portuguese (I think) writer Nomen in the Calcada de Gloria open air art gallery in the heart of Lisbon's city... Continue Reading →

Gargar Festival 2018 – Line up announced

The line-up for the third edition of Gargar Mural and Rural art festival has recently been announced with the organisers putting together a really impressive and diverse line up of artists. This annual festival in Penelles, Catalunya, which runs 4th, 5th and 6th May aims to promote the artistic culture in the rural world turning Penelles into... Continue Reading →

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