Greg Jager – Decostruzione Ricostruzione

“Decostruzione/Ricostruzione” In Genoa, Greg Jager paints an anamorphic mural on a school, to find a new point of view. Greg Jager has painted an anamorphosis mural in Certosa, Genoa. Certosa is the district of Genoa which has been most affected by the collapse of the Morandi bridge in 2018. This unimaginable tragedy saw 43 peopleContinue reading “Greg Jager – Decostruzione Ricostruzione”

Parees fest 2019

The 3rd edition of Parees Festival in Oviedo, Spain, ends with 5 new murals from national and international artists Parees fest have just wrapped their 2019 edition. Parees is one of my favourite festivals and is held each year in Oviedo, Spain. This year was the 3rd edition and the residents of Oviedo have five new muralsContinue reading “Parees fest 2019”

Noah’s Train

Noah’s train has just paid a visit to Barcelona. What’s Noah’s train I hear you ask! Well, Noah’s train is is the longest mobile artwork in the world. This travelling piece of art measures 200 meters in length and features 17 specifically designed carriages. The train is inspired by the oldest history of environmental protection,Continue reading “Noah’s Train”