The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists

Yeah you read the title correctly, ‘The secret society of super villain artists’. It wasn’t a ruse to lure you in, it’s a real thing. This mysterious group are like the street art version of the rap super villain himself, MF Doom. Looks like I hit the jackpot! (Supervillain!) That’s the best part of all! […]

Parees Festival 2019 Line up announcement

Parees festival have announced the line up for their 2019 edition. This year will see Parees festival hold it’s third edition, in the city of Oviedo, Spain. Six internationally recognised artists will be part of the 2019 Parees festival. Regular readers might remember that I visited the festival last year where I had an amazing […]

Mr Dheo new mural in Oporto

Celebrated Portuguese artist Mr. Dheo has completed his newest intervention. Situated in his home town of Oporto, Mr Dheo collaborated with the artist Pariz One to create this new mural. The Mural The mural spans two facades (of 137,5m2 each) at the new student residence Livensa Living Porto Campus built by Temprano Capital Partners. Amazingly the […]

Infinite Transportation by Jens Besser in Dresden.

Dresden-based artist Jens Besser has recently created a large scale mural titled “Infinite Transportation”. For my German readers, “Der Unendliche Verkehr”. The mural can be seen at the new hotel Antonstraße 43 in the North of Dresden. The title of the mural is a tribute to the never ending flow of traffic on streets across […]

Plastic Rain – Mr Fijodor at Without Frontiers Festival

Italian artist Mr Fijodor has completed his newest mural ‘plastic rain’ in Mantova, Italy. This mural has been created for the urban art festival Without Frontiers. The festival, organised by Simona Gavioli and Giulia Giliberti is now celebrating it’s fourth year. I interviewed Mr Fijodor back in June so it was with great delight that […]