An Interview with Aberdeen’s Honk

I try really hard to not just focus on the scene in Barcelona despite it being my bread and butter. I love to share art from wherever I have been on my travels and I also try and bring some attention to some other scenes that might fly under the radar. I’m Scottish, from Aberdeen […]

Street art Lisbon #18

This is one of if not my favourite piece from my trip to the outskirts of Lisbon to see all the works for the Loures Arte Publica mural project. This collaborative piece between Luis Seven Martins otherwise known as L7 Matrix and Vespa was on a wall just outside the Sacavem train station. It was a very welcome surprise […]

La Tabacalera #17

Although this piece by Argentinian visual artist Sofi Mele is quite small and also obscured by a fire extinguisher box it’s a real eye catcher and deserves to be shared. The piece was originally much much bigger. By the time I arrived in La Tabacalera the whole right hand side had been painted over by something else. […]