Wednesday wall of fame #22

It's a double header for this week's Wednesday wall with these two pieces by the rat kid herself Glitter riot. Glitter Riot is part of the fast drips crew and is I guess what you'd call a proper graffiti artist, you are just as likely to find her work on a train or in an underground... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #13

One thing I had to learn to handle with La Tabacalera was the sheer amount of people who would casually walk in front of me whilst I tried to take a shot. I'm not the worlds most patient person so I had to bite my tongue quite a bit. That said I got the impression... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #20

It's not often I feature a burner on the blog so I thought it was about time that I rectified this and showed some love to the type of street art that is probably the most common here in Barcelona. Ironically this piece is by an artist who was passing through as part of a... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #19

This week's wall of fame is another that doesn't quite fit the description but due to how good it is and how unexpected a find it was, it fits into what I am trying to do with the column. Plus, my blog my rules right? This three part wall is by local artist 2000nce and is based... Continue Reading →

Street art Lisbon #12

Snapping this piece required a little patience which is not something I am known for, especially after very little sleep and an early start. Thankfully I had just enough to wait for the sun to move sufficiently to the right to get a shadow free shot of this wall in Sacavem near the city of... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #18

This week's Wednesday wall features the work of an artist who's pieces always get me on my feet and down to the wall as soon as I possibly can to get my shot before the inevitable buffing. I say that in full knowledge that I have just missed one of his latest pieces which was... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #11

Less is more is the motto of this piece by NSN997 Crew in the bowels of La Tabacalera. It was pretty hard to get good shots of this one due to the thin pathways in the basement so the piece doesn't stick out too well in the photos.  However up close the piece features two smiling... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #17

This weeks Wednesday wall is a bit different in that it's in one of my least visited locations within Barcelona and it's one of those spots I generally only go when I specifically know there is something I want to see there instead of just taking my chances. Plus the last time I was there... Continue Reading →

3 of the best – Weekly round up

This weeks round up is going to be short and sweet, mainly as I am writing it right now, as in right now, Monday morning! The ever increasing heat in Barcelona and the world cup is making me a little bit lethargic so it's some very last minute typing before work this morning! As always... Continue Reading →

Street art Lisbon #11

There really should be a law passed banning car parking in front of murals. If I was ever made street art czar that would be the first thing on my to do list. This piece by Aleksei Bordusov aka Aec Interesni Kazki was one of those random finds whilst ambling around Lisbon on the Saturday... Continue Reading →

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