Interview with Kimchi Juice

I've had the pleasure of bringing you a couple of really good interviews the past few Friday's. These interviews have been around the VA Street Art Festival and this one is the last in the three part series. This week's it's the turn of Austrian born US resident Kimchi Juice... enjoy! Hi Julia how are... Continue Reading →

Interview with Nils Westergard

Last week I brought you a round up from the VASA Fest along with an interview with organiser Meghan Williamson. Well, this week I have an interview from one of the participating artists - Nils Westergard. Nils is an internationally recognised artist with murals all over the globe so it was a real honour to... Continue Reading →

Interview with Meghan Williamson

Yesterday I shared a round up from the Virginia Street Arts Festival. Today I am delighted to bring you the first of three interviews from people involved in the festival itself. First up is Meghan Williamson, VASA organiser, who tells us a little bit about the festival and it's impact on the community. Hi Meghan,... Continue Reading →

Interview with Matteo Bidini

Hot on the heels of last week's interview with Italian artist Zed1 I am delighted to share this Interview with his manager, gallery owner and curator - Matteo Bidini. Hi Matteo how are you? Tell us a little about yourself...  All good, thank you. I'm here with Gianluca Milli, the second owner of the Street... Continue Reading →

Interview with Zed1

Zed1 otherwise known as Marco Burresi is an Italian artist/muralist known for his unique, distinctive and autobiographical works. His puppets, elves and imaginary characters can be seen populating his murals all over the world. Zed1 is also known for his interactive second skin work where the public is encouraged to peel off a second layer... Continue Reading →

Interview with Resk

I've said it before, I don't feature enough graffiti writers or burners on this page so I'm rectifying that, at least a little bit, with this interview with German writer Resk. I was put onto Resk by a colleague at work who is friends with him and painted with him back in the day. He... Continue Reading →

Artist in focus – Lost Hills

So I had planned on writing a whole column about the work of an artist who's work I really loved and felt like giving some attention too. It was going to be this whole artist feature thing that might turn into a regular column. Someway through starting to write the piece I ended up chatting... Continue Reading →

Interview with Degon

After a wee while with no interviews suddenly I have two in two weeks! This week, I am delighted to bring you this chat I had with an artist who's work I have become very familiar with in my three years in Barcelona... Catalan graphic designer, graffiti artist, rapper, man of many talents - Degon!... Continue Reading →

Interview with KMGYeah

It feels like ages since I've done an interview but thankfully the super dope Kate Guthrie aka KMG is here to rectify that with this little peach of a chat. Katie is from my home town of Aberdeen and recently spent some time in Barcelona painting up a storm in the blazing sunshine with her studio partner Emma... Continue Reading →

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