Interview with Alessio Bolognesi

This week I have spoken with Italian artist Alessio Bolognesi. Alessio is an ex graphic designer who decided his talents were better served in the world of street art. His art is driven by a passion for the environment and human rights. I seem to have interviewed a lot of Italian artists in the last... Continue Reading →

Interview with PichiAvo

Spanish duo PichiAvo have recently completed a large scale mural in Barcelona. We don't often see artists of this magnitude painting permanent murals in the city so this is quite a coup for the organisers Rebobinart. It's also very exciting for us street art lovers! The duo from Valencia painted this mural in the facade... Continue Reading →

Interview with Mrfijodor

I'm happy to have had an opportunity to speak with Italian artist MrFijodor. Here he talks about his career, his latest project in Athens and his love of cinema. Hi Mrfijodor how are you? Tell us a little about yourself... I am all good thank you! I was born in a town among the mountains and... Continue Reading →

Interview with Danny Rumbl

I've been away from the blog for a minute but how nice to come back and drop an interview with an artist who's work I love! This particular artist would be Rotterdam based Danny Rumbl and you can read all about him below! Hi Danny how are you? Tell us a little about yourself… Hi... Continue Reading →

Interview with Maga

I proudly bring you my latest interview, this time with local artist Maga. She tells me about how her artistic path started and her plans for the future. Hi Maga how are you? Tell us a little about yourself… I’m an Illustrator, mural artist and educator from Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). I love drawing, painting,... Continue Reading →

Interview with Zurik

For this latest interview I am delighted to feature Colombian graffiti writer Zurik. Based near Barcelona her unique style is full of colour combinations and abstract shapes. She tells me about her career, love of movies and future plans. Hi Zurik how are you? Tell us a little about yourself… Hi! I am really good... Continue Reading →

Interview with Joel Arroyo

Joel Arroyo must be one of the most prolific artists on the streets on Barcelona. There is barely a day that goes by without him painting a new photorealistic piece of work. Oh and if he's not doing that he's throwing up one of his tags under his El-Joel alias. Thankfully Joel managed to find... Continue Reading →

Interview with Juanjo Surace

I missed posting an interview last week so time to rectify that in style today. As you probably put together with the title, I´ve had the pleasure of interviewing Argentinian artist Juanjo Surace. Juanjo resides in Barcelona and every few months creates one of his frightening yet vulnerable characters on the streets. It´s a real... Continue Reading →

Interview with Ru8icon

When I first ventured out onto the streets of Barcelona searching for art there were a number of artists who´s work I would see on my daily walks. There were probably 15-20 artists creating absolute wonders throughout the city. And not just now and again, this was a daily thing, it blew my mind in... Continue Reading →

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