La Tabacalera #18

Since I got myself back in the game with Lisbon and Berlin posts last week it seems appropriate to do a Madrid one this week. It's just a small piece but one by an artist I like a lot. That artist goes by the name of Zon. The funny thing about this piece is that... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #17

Although this piece by Argentinian visual artistĀ Sofi MeleĀ is quite small and also obscured by a fire extinguisher box it's a real eye catcher and deserves to be shared. The piece was originally much much bigger. By the time I arrived in La Tabacalera the whole right hand side had been painted over by something else.... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #16

I have a weird fascination when hunting for art in other cities with finding work by artists from Barcelona. I liken it to the types of British people who go to the south of Spain and refuse to eat or drink anything unless it's stereotypically British. Fry ups and pints of lager if you know... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #15

There's something about the iconic image of Spike Lee from She's gotta have it that I'm incredibly drawn too. There's something about the angle of the baseball cap and the style of his glasses that I find really interesting and if I see the image anywhere I always stop to take it in. This version... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #14

There is such an abundance of art in different forms and styles in the belly of Madrid's La Tabacalera. It's on every wall, round every corner and just when you think you have seen it all something else catches your eye. This is yet another that I took a shot of whilst rushing around which... Continue Reading →

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