Full Colours Rubi 2018

The weekend of the 30th September saw the second annual Full Colours Fest in the town of Rubi about 20 minutes by train from Barcelona. This event is organised by the Petados crew who are from Rubi and have multiple murals situated throughout the town. These guys work really closely with the local council and... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #17

This weeks Wednesday wall is a bit different in that it's in one of my least visited locations within Barcelona and it's one of those spots I generally only go when I specifically know there is something I want to see there instead of just taking my chances. Plus the last time I was there... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #10

As you can see even with my shocking photography skills on display, Cranio Artes graced La Tabacalera with two smalls works in the basement. Now regarding the photography here, in my defence my battery was almost out and we were heading out of La Tabacalera with some friends to go for some food and we were on... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #9

This is another slightly older piece from the outside walls of La Tabacalera, from late 2016 I believe. It's by the Portuguese artist Diogo Machado aka Add Fuel. The piece is called 'Flipped' and was done for Muros Tabacalera. It's pretty clear why the piece is named so with the armour wearing one eyed character hanging upside... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #8

I would honestly love to tell you what's going on in this piece but I genuinely have no idea what the hell is happening. This piece, ladies and gentlemen comes from the mind of Koctel and it be a strange strange world! This mural is another that is situated on the outer wall of La Tabacalera facing... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #14

There's a bit of a cool story to this piece by Are Two at Barcelona's famous Tres Xemeneies legal spot. So the artist had arrived at the spot one evening to check out where he wanted to paint the following day and saw that someone had added a really lame tag to the epic Saturn/Erase/Blanxer wall... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #7

I''ve gone for a double header this week as Animalitoland had two works on show during my visit to La Tabacalera in Madrid. One piece graced the outer wall and the other was located in the tunnels below the building. I had actually totally forgotten about the second wall until I started to write this piece... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #13

Regular readers will know that I love the work of both artists from this weeks Wednesday wall and that I will drop whatever I am doing to go and see new work they have just completed. Since Barcelona is such a fast moving scene this piece only lasted a few days so it was definitely... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #6

This week's look at the art of Madrid's creative centre  La Tabacalera features the work of Mariano Antedomenico AKA El Marian. As is often the case in the street art game some artists just fly under the radar for whatever reason and El Marian was definitely one who had flown under mine. This was actually the... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #12

This weeks Wednesday wall is another double header with two pieces from Bronik. The Peruvian artist is a regular on the streets of Barcelona but mostly with her paste up work which can be found in every barrio of the city.  The artist is no stranger to spray however as you can see from these two... Continue Reading →

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