Treze forever – Street jam in Badia de Valles

Another paint jam that took place this summer was a Treze tribute/remembrance event. The event was held in Badia de Valles a short train ride away from Barcelona. It seems to be far easier for artists to arrange walls in these small towns than in the city. And I always enjoy going out to theseContinue reading “Treze forever – Street jam in Badia de Valles”

An Interview with Ekosaurio

Ekosaurio is a Puerto Rican artist currently residing in Barcelona. He has somehow kinda flown under my radar until relatively recently. Now that I have found his work it seems like I’m seeing more and more of his pieces on a weekly basis. Weird how it works like that. Anyway, I really like what I’veContinue reading “An Interview with Ekosaurio”

SSOSVA in Space

A very short post this one. You may remember a few weeks back I had a wee chat with Silent Bill from SSOSVA. Well Bill has just sent me this video of SSOSVA’s recent space cadet mission… Yep the group have just sent their logo into space! What an idea! You can check out theContinue reading “SSOSVA in Space”