Wednesday wall #51

French artist Dogz has been on a bit of a tear in Barcelona recently. I assume he is relatively new to the city as I don't remember seeing his work before the start of the year. By my count he has done 14 walls since February. Talk about throwing yourself into the scene! This particular piece is... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #50

I have very little clue where Host is from (Brazil or Portugal is my best guess) but I've been seeing his work on the streets for a minute now. I wouldn't say he was prolific so I'm not 100% sure if he is based here full time or not. Anyway there is something about Host's... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #49

I think this week's Wednesday wall is maybe cheating a little bit. It's not quite a wall for a start, as it's a three piece door way. Close enough though right?! And it's on the street so I'm pretty sure that it falls under whatever rules I gave this column 49 weeks ago. No I'm... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #48 No Borders Special

Two weekends ago saw a painting ´jam´held in Barcelona to help raise awareness for No Borders Refugees.  As per the organisations Instagram page - NO BORDERS was created to raise awareness about the refugees. To demand their acceptance, and to raise funds through debates, art and documentaries. Arnau Gallery The guys behind Street art BCN were... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #47

Wednesday wall with a slight difference this week. That slight difference being that this wall has wheels and isn´t really a wall! I´ve told you all before that I am a total sucker for street art/graffiti on trucks and vans. Well, Mexican artist Berol has absolutely nailed this three sided piece on a truck that I... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #46

This week´s Wednesday wall was a bit of a surprise find. The Wallspot run Forum beach is a really cool spot but it´s pretty out of the way. So despite my best intentions I don´t make it down there all that often. I did think I had been there semi recently but clearly It's been... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #45

Apologies in advance for the quality of photos in this week's column. There really isn't a great deal of room to step back and shoot this particular wall. I could really do with a wide angle lens... if any one wants to sponsor me one ya know, that would be lovely! So sadly this piece... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #44

A wee double header for this week´s Wednesday wall. Although if I had been a little less busy (lazy) I would be sharing three recent pieces from this particular artist. The artist in question goes by the name of Hijo de Renfe (son of the train) and he tends to paint alongside Albert Bonet although their... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #43

It's always nice when you meet an artist who's work you like and they turn out to be super nice. Case in point, I met the wonderful Dilk1 whilst he was on his annual visit to Barcelona late last year. I had seen on Dilk's IG story that he was working on a piece at the famous... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #42

This weeks Wednesday wall is a Christmas selection box of works by Italian artist Luca Di Maggio. Luca has been visiting Barcelona the past few weeks (maybe he's still here, I don't know) and he was clearly feeling productive. I'm sharing five of his pieces but I know of another two at least that I have... Continue Reading →

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