La Tabacalera #15

There’s something about the iconic image of Spike Lee from She’s gotta have it that I’m incredibly drawn too. There’s something about the angle of the baseball cap and the style of his glasses that I find really interesting and if I see the image anywhere I always stop to take it in.

This version is by an artist called Pendigon, well at least that’s the name at the side of the piece. I cannot find anything on the artist online and not one of the pics of this wall on IG are tagged with an artist. Nice to add a bit of mystery to it I guess.

Although Pendigon has used this very iconic image he has made it his own with some little nods to the area where La Tabacalera resides – the barrio of Lavapies. Spike Lee is now repping Lavapies instead of Brooklyn on his snapback which is a nice touch. Black and white pieces don’t always have that colour pop but this one, much like the Pilpeled piece I shared recently is done really well with really strong blacks and whites making the piece really stand out against the dirty white background.


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