Off Sonar Barcelona 2018

A few months back I was asked to be a part of an event for Off Sonar 2018 which would involve five street artists live painting at the event whilst the DJ’s and house/DnB lovers did their thing in the arena.

It all fell a bit silent for a few months but the week before the event it was suddenly all go and I was tasked with getting the artists together to create their masterpieces at the event. The event was mostly house and DnB but as Moritz Barcelona were the sponsors the theme had to include their beer or at least the colours of the company, blue and yellow.

I was fortunate enough to get five wonderful artists in time, Ives oneTim MarshMaga IllustrationIoke and Oreo. Unfortunately the event didn’t go perfectly well and there were plenty of issues over the four days it was held but at the very least it was a very important learning experience for me and also for some of the artists.

Below are some shots of the event which even with some of the issues encountered has only wetted my appetite for organising street art events in the future.

Also a side note, getting shots of Ives in action are like gold dust, he only seems to paint when you are not around!

Tim Marsh
Tim Marsh
Ivesone & Maga



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  1. Wow, well done for getting involved. I would love to do something similar, but not for a few years. Work, family, pets…not enough time. I am picking up a can for the first time ever in a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know how that goes.

    1. It’s the route I want to go down with Nogreywalls, organising mural festivals etc. One day maybe anyway. Oh wow really, that’s very exciting. Have you literally never used on? It should be an interesting experience for you, I look forward to seeing the results!

        1. That’s understandable. I think, unless you have a talent that you just didn’t know about that you have to accept that the first go won’t be quite how you hoped. You will have to send me the piece though, really interested to see how it goes.

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