Interview with Alessio Bolognesi

This week I have spoken with Italian artist Alessio Bolognesi. Alessio is an ex graphic designer who decided his talents were better served in the world of street art. His art is driven by a passion for the environment and human rights. I seem to have interviewed a lot of Italian artists in the last... Continue Reading →

Marta Antares – Wednesday wall #53

Marta Antares is part of a crop of new young artists appearing on the streets of Barcelona. I don't want to say there is a passing of the torch situation going on right now. However, the vast majority of the artists I was seeing when I moved here have shifted to studio/larger mural work only.... Continue Reading →

Arnau Gallery July 2019

Arnau Gallery have just wrapped their intervention for the month of July. This month saw Chilean artists Giova and Jotape visit Barcelona to create a mural titled "La Depredación" Giova and Jotape created this piece with one overriding message - be respectful of the environment. The duo stated on Instagram that the piece "acts as a warning sign to remember... Continue Reading →

3 of the best – Weekly round up

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had lovely weekends. I assume you spent a portion of your time reading my interview with PichiAvo. If you didn't, why the hell not?! Go and read it right now, here's the link and everything! This week's round up features nothing but brand new work from the streets of... Continue Reading →

Interview with PichiAvo

Spanish duo PichiAvo have recently completed a large scale mural in Barcelona. We don't often see artists of this magnitude painting permanent murals in the city so this is quite a coup for the organisers Rebobinart. It's also very exciting for us street art lovers! The duo from Valencia painted this mural in the facade... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #52

It's been too long since I've done a Wednesday wall. I actually just checked and incredibly I haven't done one since March! That is some shoddy work on my part! Let's rectify that unacceptable effort with this banger from Hech Uno. Hech is part of the CE2 Crew and hails from Calpulalpan in Mexico. As with... Continue Reading →

Etnik – “αέρας – Elémént d’air”

Swedish artist Etnik is back with the third piece in a series of murals inspired by platonic geometry. I have already shared the murals inspired by water and fire in the US and Greece here and here. Etnik has created this third mural for "BIENNALE D'ART CONTEMPORAIN DE Sologne". The Sologne Biennale features monumental sculptures of... Continue Reading →

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