Street art Lisbon #19

I've not done one of these Lisbon pieces in an minute. So let's get back into it with a cracker from the ever excellent Vhils. Lisbon is not quite Vhils home turf (he was born in nearby Seixal) But due to the close proximity his work can be found all over the city. This 'mural' was... Continue Reading →

3 of the best – weekly round up

I´m back after another missing week on the blog. With regards to this column that´s more down to my decision to post less and less on Instagram. I've pretty much given up with it to be honest, the algorithm has sucked all the fun out of it. Also I would appear to have been shadow... Continue Reading →

Interview with Juanjo Surace

I missed posting an interview last week so time to rectify that in style today. As you probably put together with the title, I´ve had the pleasure of interviewing Argentinian artist Juanjo Surace. Juanjo resides in Barcelona and every few months creates one of his frightening yet vulnerable characters on the streets. It´s a real... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #49

I think this week's Wednesday wall is maybe cheating a little bit. It's not quite a wall for a start, as it's a three piece door way. Close enough though right?! And it's on the street so I'm pretty sure that it falls under whatever rules I gave this column 49 weeks ago. No I'm... Continue Reading →

Mr M Lab Birthday Paint Jam

A few weeks back Mr M (Marc) added me to a whatsapp group chat centred around a small painting jam for his up-coming birthday. Also in the group were Tim Marsh, Ivesone, Berol and Oreo. The plan was simple, they paint, I shoot. Not an opportunity I was going to miss lets be honest. The... Continue Reading →

3 of the best – Weekly round up

So I did tell you that this column would be late this week as I was on holiday over the weekend. So late that it´s the following Monday!! To be honest, I didn´t really post a great deal of photos on Instagram before going away. In fact I didn´t post at all whilst in Naples.... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #48 No Borders Special

Two weekends ago saw a painting ´jam´held in Barcelona to help raise awareness for No Borders Refugees.  As per the organisations Instagram page - NO BORDERS was created to raise awareness about the refugees. To demand their acceptance, and to raise funds through debates, art and documentaries. Arnau Gallery The guys behind Street art BCN were... Continue Reading →

Interview with Ru8icon

When I first ventured out onto the streets of Barcelona searching for art there were a number of artists who´s work I would see on my daily walks. There were probably 15-20 artists creating absolute wonders throughout the city. And not just now and again, this was a daily thing, it blew my mind in... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #47

Wednesday wall with a slight difference this week. That slight difference being that this wall has wheels and isn´t really a wall! I´ve told you all before that I am a total sucker for street art/graffiti on trucks and vans. Well, Mexican artist Berol has absolutely nailed this three sided piece on a truck that I... Continue Reading →

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