Interview with Kimchi Juice

I've had the pleasure of bringing you a couple of really good interviews the past few Friday's. These interviews have been around the VA Street Art Festival and this one is the last in the three part series. This week's it's the turn of Austrian born US resident Kimchi Juice... enjoy! Hi Julia how are... Continue Reading →

Elian Chali

Renowned Argentinian artist Elian Chali has recently completed his first ever mural in Barcelona. Chali was invited to Barcelona by Bostik Murals the urban art project developed by local organisation Difusor. Alongside this mural the artist held a small exhibition of original pieces within the Nau Bostik gallery. However Difusor didn't just stop there, they... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #41

I'm pretty sure I have featured the work of Emak before. If I haven't then shame on me as he is one of Barcelona's best and most inventive writers. I've explained to you before that I sometimes don't 'get' burners. My tastes are slowly changing however and that's down to artists like Emak.  Simply put... Continue Reading →

Nulo for Contorno Urbano

Uruguayan artist Nulo has created the latest mural in Contorno Urbano's 12+1 project in Sant Feliu Llobregat. Contorno now have four of these projects running at different locations around the city. Keeping me fit running around to see them all! The artwork: Sobrenatural In this artwork, nature and its forces are represented. The artist found... Continue Reading →

Interview with Nils Westergard

Last week I brought you a round up from the VASA Fest along with an interview with organiser Meghan Williamson. Well, this week I have an interview from one of the participating artists - Nils Westergard. Nils is an internationally recognised artist with murals all over the globe so it was a real honour to... Continue Reading →

Ivan Floro for Contorno Urbano

Contorno Urbano have recently presented their latest monthly intervention in Barcelona. This months participating artist was Ivan Floro. This intervention is part of Contorno's on-going 12+1 project which has seen the organisation recently add two new walls to their existing portfolio.  It was a shame to see Jay Bisual's excellent piece disappear (I wrote about... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #40

There is a lot of very serious art around on the streets these days. Not that I don't like this style of work, in fact I like a lot of it very much. However, it's nice to have your day brightened by a fun piece like this by Bday boy. As a huge Mario Kart... Continue Reading →

Eikosi – Etnik in Jacksonville, Florida

Swedish artist Etnik has completed his newest mural in Jacksonville, Florida. Inspired by Platonic geometry the mural is part of series of five walls that will be painted in different cities. Each of these walls will represent the five platonic solids. Geometers have studied the Platonic solids for thousands of years. They are named for the... Continue Reading →

3 of the best – Weekly round up

Happy Monday street art lovers. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It was once again, absolutely hectic here in Barcelona. There are so many projects happening just now that it's really hard to keep up! I will continue to try my hardest to bring you as much as I can from what's going... Continue Reading →

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