Guate Mao – Wednesday wall #59

Guate Mao has loads of little stencils dotted around Barcelona. The French artist visited Barcelona again last year and left behind 8 or so pieces. Sadly like a lot of pieces here the vast majority of them have been defaced in some way or other. Continue reading “Guate Mao – Wednesday wall #59”

Ache77 at the Copula Mundi Festival

Italian stencil artist Ache77 was chosen to create the scenography for this years Copula Mundi Festival. The artist who is based in Florence collaborated with photographer Pino Bertelli to create 10 powerful works for the festival. Continue reading “Ache77 at the Copula Mundi Festival”

Eledu & Kram – Wednesday wall #58

Eledu & Kram are the feature on this week’s Wednesday wall. You may remember me moaning about a lack of sleep due to my new puppy recently. Well, this has it’s advantages sometimes when you are walking around the neighbourhood and a bright idea pops into your head. Continue reading “Eledu & Kram – Wednesday wall #58”

Sat One in Erie, Pennsylvania

Venezuelan/German artist Sat One has just completed a very intriguing mural in the Port of Erie, Pennsylvania. It’s not every day that you see a mural in such an interesting location. This one is a little different from your average legal wall! Continue reading “Sat One in Erie, Pennsylvania”

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada – Fragments

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada has just shared his stunning new studio works with me. These small pieces were created as part of his “Fragments” series. This series features fragments of very old, multilayered wall paint surfaces. Each piece of wall is from a very special place in Navarra (north of Spain).  Continue reading “Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada – Fragments”