Interview with Dogz Art

It’s interview time again on No Grey Walls! I have a few of these little beauties saved up but I’m pretty unorganised with finding archived photos! The lock down in Spain has forced my hand so here we are with a killer interview with French artist Dogz Art. Dogz first came to my attention early 2019 with a cartoon-ish piece of Snoop Dogg. Since then I’ve been following his progression and it’s been fascinating to see how much he has grown in such a short space of time. He even got a Wednesday wall on this here page. Continue reading “Interview with Dogz Art”

New Kram & Slomo wall in Barcelona

Kram and Slomo have just come together to complete a new wall in Barcelona. Kram loves this spot, hidden away in the huge area of Montjuic. It must be a very peaceful place to paint with no cars, very few people and lots of birds and greenery.Continue reading “New Kram & Slomo wall in Barcelona”

The ‘ceramicalistic’ painting of Ana Barriga

Spanish artist Ana Barriga Oliva has created a new wall in Barcelona for B-Murals. The wall is situated at La Sagrera’s Espacio30 near B-Murals base at Nau Bostik. This latest intervention joins 3 other parallel walls that were created during B-murals previous exhibition which brought 24 of the best figurative and neo-muralism painters together. Continue reading “The ‘ceramicalistic’ painting of Ana Barriga”

Vanguard | Bristol Street Art

An extensive new exhibition celebrating the international Street Art movement is set to open at M Shed museum in Bristol this summer.

‘Vanguard | Bristol Street Art: The Evolution of a Global Movement’ celebrates the instrumental role of Bristol’s creatives in the development of British Street Art. The exhibition will include rare works by leading Bristolian, British and Irish artists of the genre, including seminal works from the late 90’s. An additional focus on international artists beyond the UK will spotlight the growing relationship between art and sustainability.Continue reading “Vanguard | Bristol Street Art”