Toys Daniel & Mikael Omik – Wednesday wall #57

Brazilian duo Toys Daniel and Mikael Omik recently spent some time in Barcelona. The duo appear to be on an European tour (seems to be a thing right now) They spent a very productive few days in the city. Continue reading “Toys Daniel & Mikael Omik – Wednesday wall #57”

Get better to read – New graffiti wall in Finland.

A 27 m wide and 2,7 m high graffiti wall has just been completed in Finland. Called HANKI PAREMPAA LUETTAVAA (GET BETTER TO READ) this wall was created as part of the recent Flow Festival in the centre of Helsinki. Continue reading “Get better to read – New graffiti wall in Finland.”

Weekly round up – Feat Studio Insano

There was zero chance of missing this weeks round up since the previously mentioned puppy still does not like letting me sleep. I’ve got all the time in the world to write now! This week’s round up features a few crackers. I’ll be sharing work from Studio Insano, Ioke, Art3ano, Ekosaurio and Fase. Two mentions in a week for Fase! Continue reading “Weekly round up – Feat Studio Insano”

Sagieart – Wednesday wall #56

Swedish artist Sagieart is this week’s Wednesday wall feature. Unfortunately I only have one piece to share and not two. The reason for that? The local council spending tax payers money to buff one of his pieces that was painted at a legal spot. What’s the point of legal spots if the authorities still buff them!? Continue reading “Sagieart – Wednesday wall #56”