Street art Lisbon #3

This piece here by Belgian/Portuguese (I think) artist Soaz should have immediately caught my eye since I’m a total sucker for that bluey green colour she used for the background. But my street art radar must have been on the blink because I actually only saw it on a secondary glance back up the hill whilst takingContinue reading “Street art Lisbon #3”

Wednesday wall of fame #2

For this week’s Wednesday wall I have chosen a collaborative piece from Mr Oner and Chesone. The reason I have chosen this piece is simple, I love Batman. I loved the Lego Batman film and I love these two artists work. I am a huge fan of Mr Oner’s writing technique, his burners are one of the fewContinue reading “Wednesday wall of fame #2”

Nuart Aberdeen 2018 Lineup

Things are getting interesting in my home town of Aberdeen as this week saw the lineup for the 2018 edition of Nuart’s street art festival announced. Fingers crossed I will be there this year to cover the event for this blog in collaboration with ASA. “Nuart Aberdeen, a new international platform, is designed to not onlyContinue reading “Nuart Aberdeen 2018 Lineup”

3 of the best – Weekly round up

This week’s round up is upon us already… it feels like I am forever typing this column. For this round up we have a collaborative piece, a new one from a blog favourite and one absolute stunner from my visit to Lisbon. The collaborative piece is from two artists based in Barcelona, Italian Canesucks , local legend Konair andContinue reading “3 of the best – Weekly round up”

Street art Lisbon #2

Lisbon was a real education in street art for me, I came across the works of so many artists who I had never heard of before. For example this was my first time coming across the works of Adres and as he doesn’t appear to be overly interested in social media he maybe doesn’t get the coverage hisContinue reading “Street art Lisbon #2”