Wednesday wall #36

This weeks Wednesday wall is a bit of a surprise find. My Girlfriend mentioned to me that she had seen a pretty cool piece on her way home from work. I took a note of it but hadn’t quite got round to going to check it out. We just happened to be in roughly the right area one Friday afternoon and she reminded me about the wall. 

A few minutes later and I was standing in front of this shop front painted by Argentinian artist Franco Martinez. I had no idea that this coffee shop existed nor the beautifully painted wall.

Franco Martinez in Barcelona.
Franco Martinez in Barcelona.

Franco has been in and around Barcelona for a few months now and I’ve seen a few of his works on some of the city’s legal walls. However, checking his Instagram I can see that he’s done quite a lot of commercial work also. None of which I was aware of. Cheers for showing me his pics Instagram!

Franco Martinez in Barcelona.
Franco Martinez in Barcelona.

The artists work is based on pareidolia. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that consists in that we can perceive a face or a human or animal figure in the most unsuspected places.

As you can see in this particular piece, the main character has human characteristics mixed with that of an animal. It reminds me of the Narnia film(s) from my youth. I really like how the wall is mostly white and grey as it allows the red of the berries and the foal to really ‘pop’

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