Wednesday wall of fame #20

It’s not often I feature a burner on the blog so I thought it was about time that I rectified this and showed some love to the type of street art that is probably the most common here in Barcelona.

Ironically this piece is by an artist who was passing through as part of a much larger European tour and not one of the local artists.This is something else to rectify in the future and definitely not intentional, more that this piece jumped out at me at the time. There’s hundreds of burners in the photo archives that I’ll get round to sharing eventually. Once I figure out the tags… I’m the worlds worst at reading them!

Anyway, the travelling artist who painted this piece goes by the name of  Arson and is part of the Fairstyle collective based in Western Canada. Looking at Arson’s IG page he left his mark in Paris, Madrid and Lisbon as well as Barcelona during his European adventure.

This piece caught my eye for a couple of reasons, first the green colouring around the lettering. I am a sucker for anything green, aqua, minty, basically any tone of green really. This green has an electrical storm quality to it which I like a lot. Secondly I like the pigeon poking out between the R & S letters. I don’t like pigeons to be honest but there’s something quite amusing about the head tilt on this one, he looks a bit gangsta.

And lastly I really like how Arson has incorporated brick work into the side of the S to give it an extra dimension.  Really inventive work and one small step in the direction of me appreciating burners more!








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