Musa71 at Montana Gallery Barcelona

Legendary graffiti writer Musa71 recently held a small solo show at the Montana Gallery in Barcelona. The show featured some live painting, sketches, framed works and a lot of friends celebrating the career of this great writer. The reason for this particular show was to celebrate the release of Musa's own MTN spray can. What... Continue Reading →

Street art Berlin #4

TPK Crew member Freeman Scofield aka Babs was one of the artists who participated in Yard5's graffiti jam back in July. I've seen Babs work before whilst on holiday in Lisbon. I remember being equally intrigued and confused by his work. I guess Babs work could be classed as graffiti writing deconstructed. The letters have faded into a freestyles... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #37

I've said it more than once in this column, I don't give enough love to the huge graffiti scene in Barcelona. There are so many writers based in the city, a lot of whom are creating amazing pieces on a  daily basis. When I first started out here I admittedly focussed on finding out all... Continue Reading →

3 of the best – Weekly round up

Welcome to the weekly round up on No grey walls. This week features a couple of animal themed works and an awesome collaboration doorway. Both of these animal themed pieces are from artists who are brand new to me which is always exciting. I often wonder how I have never come across these artists before... Continue Reading →

Fasim for Urban Skills 2018

The Barcelona artist Germán Bel / Fasim recently participated in the first edition of the 'Urban Skills' Festival. Held in the town of Alcoy In Alicante Fasim created somewhat of a surprising intervention. A risky proposal Taking seven days to complete, Fasim surprised the festival organisers with an unexpected proposal. He proposed a risky experiment... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #36

This weeks Wednesday wall is a bit of a surprise find. My Girlfriend mentioned to me that she had seen a pretty cool piece on her way home from work. I took a note of it but hadn't quite got round to going to check it out. We just happened to be in roughly the... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #16

I have a weird fascination when hunting for art in other cities with finding work by artists from Barcelona. I liken it to the types of British people who go to the south of Spain and refuse to eat or drink anything unless it's stereotypically British. Fry ups and pints of lager if you know... Continue Reading →

3 of the best – weekly round up

I need to start coming up with some more interesting openings to this column. However it's Sunday night (as I write this) and my brain really is not functioning properly so next week maybe. Instead I'll just tell you that this week I have beauties from BIP & Treze and a collaboration piece from Nove,... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall #35 Ludo special

It's another special this week as yet another French artist has spent time some time decorating the streets of Barcelona recently. Ludo was in town for around a week or so and left a host of paste up's scattered around. Interestingly he left them in places definitely not where you would usually find such works. Ludo... Continue Reading →

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