Guate Mao – Portraits of the world

The French artist Guate Mao recently paid another visit to Barcelona and blessed us with some more of his stunning people inspired stencils. The artist hailing from Saint Denis in the Northern suburbs of Paris has visited Barcelona previously and this time he has sent the many street art photographers scrambling for their mopeds &... Continue Reading →

It’s a paste up city

One way to avoid unwanted police attention in Barcelona whilst looking to colour the streets with art is the use of a paste up or sticker slap. On almost every street in the downtown areas of Barcelona you will find a paste up high up on a building, low down on a door, stuck on... Continue Reading →

8 of the best – Weekly round-up

Every Sunday (he says optimistically) I am going to do a round-up of the most liked photos from my nogreywalls Instagram page. In theory this is just to show what my followers liked the most each week. In reality it's more like what IG's ridiculous algorithm actually allowed people to see on a daily basis... Continue Reading →

Amaia was here…

With what happened in Barcelona yesterday I thought it would be good to take my mind away from all the troubles in the world and think/write about something that makes me happy... Art! Art and music always help take my mind away from whatever is going on out there or even in my own mind... Continue Reading →

Oreo – the Badass Bear

Takeover seems to be a common word in my world at the moment what with last weekends first ever takeover event in the city and now with my latest feature on Oreo aka Zach the Scientist aka Badassbearz. Zach is a French artist, from Paris to be exact, residing here in Barcelona running his Endzlab... Continue Reading →

The Takeover Barcelona

Well I was hoping to be slightly more prolific with this blog but seeing as this is my first post in 3 months I'm going to have to claim some sort of writers block as my excuse! Or the summer heat here making me a little more dopey than usual. Now that my excuses are... Continue Reading →

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