Chroma Promenade – PRO176 at Montana Gallery

Parisian artist PRO176 is currently exhibiting at Montana Gallery in Barcelona and I recently took the time to pop down and check out his works. PRO176 is actually reasonably new to me for some reason, just one of those artists who somehow slips through the net of my hours of trawling Instagram and the internetContinue reading “Chroma Promenade – PRO176 at Montana Gallery”

ASA presents Vamos a la playa – No nonsense street art

Amsterdam Street Art (ASA) recently held their 1st Exhibition in Barcelona. The show was held in a newly opened bar/event space named “Delabuela” in the city’s Sant Antoni Barrio. The bar is an excellent space for art events with it’s high ceilings, mezzanine second floor and ample wall space for hanging frames and canvases. ASA’sContinue reading “ASA presents Vamos a la playa – No nonsense street art”

8 of the best – Weekly round up

It’s Monday so that can only mean one thing on this here blog, it’s weekly round up time!! I am actually able to say this as for once I’m actually going to publish it on time. As per usual this post is the eight most liked pictures from my Nogreywalls Instagram page and the header photo isContinue reading “8 of the best – Weekly round up”

A guide to street art & graffiti in Barcelona – Poblenou

For anyone looking to visit Barcelona in the future I’ve decided to do a little guide to finding street art and graffiti throughout the city. I’m going to focus first on the suburb of Poblenou. Poblenou is a mix between residential and industrial with a huge amount of abandoned factories slowly being converted to plushContinue reading “A guide to street art & graffiti in Barcelona – Poblenou”