Interview with Art3sano

I’m delighted to say that’s interview time again on Nogreywalls and this time it’s the turn of Venezuelan illustrator, graphic designer and street artist Art3sano bringing his chilled Caribbean vibes to the page… Hi Art3sano how are you? Tell us a little about yourself… Well I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Since I was aContinue reading “Interview with Art3sano”

Tattooing with Uriginal

Something slightly different for nogreywalls today with this post. This weekend I was a guinea pig for Barcelona born and bred artist Uriginal in his new hobby of tattooing. Uri’s work on canvas and walls is something that I have loved since I first came across his work (please please check out his work, it’s incredible) andContinue reading “Tattooing with Uriginal”

Zemsoner and Miss Hazard

A new piece popped up in BCN this week (like artists ever take a day off) by two of my favourites in the city, recent interviewee Miss Hazard and tattooist and graffiti artist Zemsoner. These artists are a match made in heaven, Zems with his characters straight out of a video game where everyone loves thrash metal (dibsContinue reading “Zemsoner and Miss Hazard”

Kaligrafics Válvulas & Ritmos 2017 – Part three

A little more from Kaligrafics most recent Autumnal graffiti jam. First up the headline photo is of a piece by Emak and Leim from the Fours and Future Classics crews. What else to say about this piece other than that it is absolutely mind melding! It’s a modern take on graffiti writing, mixing the writing aspect with something almost like popContinue reading “Kaligrafics Válvulas & Ritmos 2017 – Part three”

Double trouble – new works by Loko Ramzy

A couple of new pieces popped up in Barcelona last weekend. On first glance these works are by two different artists in the ever thriving scene in BCN but a cursory look at the tag surprised me in that they are in actual fact both by Loko Ramzy . Ramzee is a consistent presence onContinue reading “Double trouble – new works by Loko Ramzy”