Wednesday wall of fame #13

Regular readers will know that I love the work of both artists from this weeks Wednesday wall and that I will drop whatever I am doing to go and see new work they have just completed. Since Barcelona is such a fast moving scene this piece only lasted a few days so it was definitelyContinue reading “Wednesday wall of fame #13”

Interview with D*Face

D*Face aka Dean Stockton has just completed his latest permanent mural, this time in Brooklyn, New York as part of a collaboration with Cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab. Taking just over a week to finish the 100ft x 50ft mural is titled ‘Save the World’ and sits in an prominent location in Brooklyn overlooking the EastContinue reading “Interview with D*Face”

3 of the best – Weekly round up

Welcome to the weekly round up on Nogreywalls brought to you from an increasingly hot Barcelona. This week there is a nice mix of work, one new one from Barcelona, one from Lisbon and yes one from DavidL. I think I might just retire the round up post when I run out of David’s work to share. 

La Tabacalera #6

This week’s look at the art of Madrid’s creative centre  La Tabacalera features the work of Mariano Antedomenico AKA El Marian. As is often the case in the street art game some artists just fly under the radar for whatever reason and El Marian was definitely one who had flown under mine. This was actually theContinue reading “La Tabacalera #6”