Escif Mural de la Salut

Escif will paint a 400m2 mural until May 25th -Mural de la Salut, Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain). After an 8 months process, with an international open call and two jury’s, Escif was the artist finally chosen to translate the historical fight and citizens values in the 400m2 wall in Plaza de la SalutContinue reading “Escif Mural de la Salut”

Interview with Bumble & Worm

It’s been a few weeks but my favourite part of the blog – artist interviews – is back, back, back! This week I have been fortunate enough to speak with the duo of Bumble and Worm about themselves, their art and a mutual love of fishes. Hi guys, how are you? Tell us a little aboutContinue reading “Interview with Bumble & Worm”