Hot Pixel – Joan Cabrer for Contorno Urbano

The 12+1 urban art project in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat near Barcelona continues this month with their latest intervention “HOT PIXEL” by Joan Cabrer – Nature and digital aesthetics Native from Mallorca and trained in Fine Arts in Barcelona, Joan Cabrer has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Spain and Portugal. He has been a residentContinue reading “Hot Pixel – Joan Cabrer for Contorno Urbano”

El Festival Barcelona

A few weeks back I was invited to a French music festival (El Festival) held in Barcelona by the lovely Fabienne of Artevistas Gallery a contemporary art gallery in the heart of the city. The reason for my invite wasn’t to sample the delights of the French music scene, the less said about that the better, orContinue reading “El Festival Barcelona”

Wednesday wall of fame #17

This weeks Wednesday wall is a bit different in that it’s in one of my least visited locations within Barcelona and it’s one of those spots I generally only go when I specifically know there is something I want to see there instead of just taking my chances. Plus the last time I was thereContinue reading “Wednesday wall of fame #17”