Street art Lisbon #14

I was and still am amazed at the sheer amount of street art in Lisbon. Obviously there are the larger mural projects outside of the city which garner the majority of the attention and publicity but the city centre has so much great stuff going on as well. On my last Lisbon post I mentioned... Continue Reading →

3 of the best – weekly round up

This weeks round up is brought to you from my sofa whilst watching the new Michael Pena film on Netflix nursing a few enormous blisters on my heels after spending the last four days walking around Berlin trying to check out as much art as I possibly could. Judging by the state of my feet... Continue Reading →

Interview with Degon

After a wee while with no interviews suddenly I have two in two weeks! This week, I am delighted to bring you this chat I had with an artist who's work I have become very familiar with in my three years in Barcelona... Catalan graphic designer, graffiti artist, rapper, man of many talents - Degon!... Continue Reading →

Endzlab – Blackbook and Sketches

Graffiti artist, screenprinter, clothes designer and shop owner Oreo has just held another of his monthly art events at his Endzlab shop in the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona. This is the fourth event in a monthly series where Oreo is utilising the space in his shop and turning it into a gallery for local and international artists to show... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #21

This is what the legal walls are all about... massive, insanely good pieces by artists like Juanjo Surace. This piece is called "smile, you are being watched" and is still standing two weeks after first appearing on the wall. Pretty good going in the fast paced movement here. I am personally a huge fan of Jaunjo's... Continue Reading →

Apitatan in Barcelona

Barcelona is a pretty popular destination for travelling artists all year round but the summer is for sure the busiest time. With so many festivals going on throughout Europe between May and September artists tend to stop off here in between festival appearances and throw up a couple of walls. Sometimes these artists arrive, paint... Continue Reading →

3 of the best – weekly round up

I'm writing this weeks round up post from my kitchen table whilst an insane amount of rain flies past the window after a slighty hectic weekend that included pain killing injections, bus trips up the coast, an unhealthy amount of risk taking in an abandoned building, walks around dried river beds after an hour of... Continue Reading →

Interview with KMGYeah

It feels like ages since I've done an interview but thankfully the super dope Kate Guthrie aka KMG is here to rectify that with this little peach of a chat. Katie is from my home town of Aberdeen and recently spent some time in Barcelona painting up a storm in the blazing sunshine with her studio partner Emma... Continue Reading →

La Tabacalera #13

One thing I had to learn to handle with La Tabacalera was the sheer amount of people who would casually walk in front of me whilst I tried to take a shot. I'm not the worlds most patient person so I had to bite my tongue quite a bit. That said I got the impression... Continue Reading →

Wednesday wall of fame #20

It's not often I feature a burner on the blog so I thought it was about time that I rectified this and showed some love to the type of street art that is probably the most common here in Barcelona. Ironically this piece is by an artist who was passing through as part of a... Continue Reading →

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