Mira’Mir – Colours come to Montcada i Reixac

The municipality of Montcada i Reixac is to hold the Mira’Mir festival on the weekend of 19th October. The town is known locally for it infrastructures that have a great impact. One of them is the C-33 motorway which runs high more that half a kilometre through the urban nucleus generating a grey area withoutContinue reading “Mira’Mir – Colours come to Montcada i Reixac”

Pow Wow Rotterdam! 20 Vans 30 Cans

As I mentioned a week or so back I was recently in Rotterdam, Holland for the street art awards and also the various goings on at Pow Wow! Rotterdam. It was a pretty hectic weekend running about the city getting to the all the events and also doing some regular hunting. And of course I’mContinue reading “Pow Wow Rotterdam! 20 Vans 30 Cans”

Wednesday wall #30

There was an underwater theme on this wall a few weeks back, I already shared the work of Pit and his funny hammer head skarks and now it’s the turn of Arteaga Manuel  AKA Suel Art. This piece was positioned next to the sharks and is quite the juxtaposition in style. Whilst Pit’s piece was cartoonishContinue reading “Wednesday wall #30”

Jan Vormann aka Lego Man for Nuart 2018

Jan Vormann stocks up on “street cred” at Nuart Festival with one of his biggest installations to date Jan Vormann’s global Dispatchwork project uses LEGO bricks to repair damaged walls.  Some of his installations use only a handful of toy bricks but in Stavanger Jan and a team of helpers sifted through over 50kg to make an installationContinue reading “Jan Vormann aka Lego Man for Nuart 2018”

Molins de Rei Paint Jam #2

The small town of Molins de Rei to the south of Barcelona has been a hotbed of art events in recent months with two big jams alongside a big painting weekend for the Faltan Pintadas movement. Until I caught wind of the first paint jam I had no idea there was anything going on downContinue reading “Molins de Rei Paint Jam #2”