3 of the best – Weekly round up

I’m a bit late with the weekly round up this week as I was in Madrid for a weekend break and I am nowhere near organised enough to type this up before I left. Found plenty of really nice art in Madrid that’ll I’ll get to share with you all very soon though!

Right, let’s get into it. The header pic this week is from my trip to Lisbon and is by Huariu. Even amongst all the incredible art in Quinto do Moncho this piece definitely stood out. Titled ‘African Beauty’ this was Huariu’s only mural work in 2017 but if you are going to do one at least make it special, right! Huariu’s Instagram bio says ‘beauty, emotion, mystery’ and that’s exactly what this black and white piece is. It looks a bit like stencil work with the big white areas but is in fact solely done by spray paint which makes it even more incredible. I really hope to see more from this artist in the future.

The second piece is from last years Gargar festival and is by Barcelona based tattoo and graffiti artist Cisco KSL. This really colourful piece, to me at least, depicts the cat and the frog battling for supremacy in the animal kingdom but most commenters on the post thought that they were doing the rumba… That frog does not look happy with his dance partner if that’s the case.


Last but my no means least is this piece by Enric Sant. This was a bit of a lucky find, I was invited by Tim Marsh to go for a coffee with a French illustrator friend of his at his co-working space. Now I knew that there was an Aryz piece within the complex but I didn’t realise the whole place was covered in art. Now I love Aryz but this piece was my favourite find there… The character in this piece is something straight out of the worst nightmare ever! There’s not even that much to his face just some blue and blank looking eyes but my god is he freaky! I think maybe all those extra bits, the neck growths and that mask he’s semi removed with all those lumps… urgh horrible! So horrible that i’m totally fascinated by it.


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