3 of the best – Weekly round up

This weeks three of the best is brought to you this with a tinge of annoyance that the photos attached are not quite at the quality I would like (or that I shared on IG) since Google photos didn’t back up my snapseeded versions for some unknown reason… cheers Google!

Moving on from my ranting the first one up this week is the header piece and it’s by English/Swiss artist Sebastien Waknine. Sebastien, for me, is one of those artists who is constantly experimenting with his work. Usually you get to know specific artists work around the city,  as soon as you lay eyes on it you go yep that’s so and so but not Sebastien’s, it’s constantly changing and making you look for the tag at the bottom to see who created it. This piece was for last years Gargar Festival and depicts a young child holding a bird nest as the bird swoops in to continue building his home. Really excellent hyper-realistic work.

This second piece is by Brazilian Eduardo Kobra, one of the big names in the street art world. This piece in keeping with his colourful socially conscious style is of Chief Raoni of the Kayapo tribe and was created to bring attention to the problems facing indigenous peoples in Brazil and worldwide. The piece is based in the outskirts of Lisbon and is simply fantastic, as with all of Kobra’s work. An incredible use of colours and next level realism.


This last piece is by Italian visual artist (I’m awfully focused on nationality for some reason today) Alice Pasquini. I’ve seen quite a lot of Alice’s small paste ups around Barcelona but I’ve never seen any of her spray work in the flesh until last weekend. This piece is situated at La Tabacalera, an old tobacco factory turned arts centre in the heart of Lavapies, Madrid. The piece is called ‘Cada dia’ each day in English and was made in 2016. The piece itself shows a young girl reaching out of a window to pick some flowers. The colours Alice uses always have such an electrical storm feel to me, that’s the best way I can describe it anyway, there’s something about the colour scheme that just makes me think of a storm. It was a great pleasure to see on of her murals in person finally, here’s to seeing more in the future.


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