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It’s Monday so it’s weekly round up time! Yaaaay I hear you all scream…. It’s going to be a short but sweet one this week as I am lacking in time to write my usual paragraphs of waffle as I am visiting Nuart Aberdeen in a few days to cover the event for this blog and also that of Amsterdam Street Art. Exciting times indeed.

So lets just straight into it… the header piece this week is a collaboration joint between two artists who are both fairly new to me – Mr Nobody’s Mind and Toni Cuatrero. This was an Instagram find, I can’t even remember how but it popped up somewhere and I jumped on the metro to go and check it out. I’m always quite intrigued by pieces like this, I think they are very interesting in their concept and I like the way the shapes and colours mix and merge even though in theory they probably shouldn’t really combine all that well. There’s been a few more pieces by these guys pop up across the city the last week or so and I’m really enjoying their work together.

This second piece is by Madrid based artist Delgan who was in Barcelona for a private painting job. As with a lot of artists who come to the city either for work or for holiday Delgan found the time to pop to the ubiquitous Tres Xememenies (Three chimneys) to paint this animal inspired piece. I like how instead of painting just a block two or three tone piece Delgan has painted each section with a wave type feel with the top layer of each part finding itself dripping down to the next layer to add some more depth to the piece. A really nice style and something I really like.


As is very common on this page this next piece is by French artist and Barcelona resident Tim Marsh. I’ve featured Tim more times than I can remember on this page and in this specific column but it just shows what quality work he is producing just now. This piece is from his shutter project he is currently in middle of (maybe more the start of) in the city’s Poblenou district. Tim favours very colourful geometric shapes and in this piece he’s also got a Monkey wearing a VR headset… Tim’s 2018 take on the famous ‘see no evil’ monkey. Some really excellent work once again from an ever improving artist.


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6 thoughts on “3 of the best – Weekly round up

  1. Three strong and contrasting styles. Love the monkey…I’m surprised he wasn’t in a space suit! I have lots of examples of monkeys in space suits. What is that all about?

        1. I did!! I did comment on your post but this thing has a habit of not saving my comments. If it’s not there then…. thank you very much for the plug and the kind words, i really do appreciate it! Also always nice to see that wall on other blogs… it’s still standing too.

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