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It’s Monday morning and since I actually had a relatively quiet weekend for once (other than the obligatory graffiti hunting) the weekly round up is ready to rock n roll on time, booya!!

This weeks round up is a great mix of styles and also locations with Spain, Lisbon and also Glasgow all featured.

It’s becoming a running joke that DavidL is featured in the weekly round up, I guess it just shows how much his pieces are loved by my IG followers that he appears week after week. This piece (the header photo) is a new one to me, it was lurking in the last room that I popped my head into on my recent trip to one of his abandoned spots. The piece is a caricature of Heisenberg from Breaking bad, as if you needed that part explaining. The use of this character is perfect for the surroundings, you can imagine this spot being used for illegal activities away from prying eyes. As usual with David it’s a stunning piece and no words I have in my vocabulary do it justice.

This second piece is from my trip to Lisbon and is by Peruvian artist Pablo Machiol. This little piece is out in an area called Quinta do Mocho which is about a 20 minutes train ride to the north of the city and has almost too much street art to handle! Almost.

On first viewing this piece simply looks like a cute colourful toy bear but there’s something quite sad about it lying on the ground with dead looking eyes, like it’s been abandoned by it’s owner. I’m not sure if I’m looking into the piece too much but it definitely feels like it’s more than just a cute bright piece and more of a social commentary about the living situation in Quinta do Mocho.


This last piece is an absolute favourite of mine, so much so that when I got back to Barcelona I immediately bought the print version of this sticker. This Biggie sticker is by Fokawolf, who admittedly is a new artist to me and therefore is the first piece of her’s I’ve ever come across. I’m always attracted by hip hop inspired art and this piece is taking what could have just been a simple Biggie sticker (which I still would have stopped for) and adding something different with the sticker split into three different sections. Again that would have sufficed for me but the artist has then added a brain and bubblegum pink gooey drips which sealed the deal. One day I will get my hands on this sticker but for now I am very excited for the Risograph print to arrive… don’t let me down Spanish postal service!


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