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Monday… the start of the week, a bank holiday in the UK  (and for me in Spain) and also time for the No Grey Walls weekly round up. This weekend I was in a small village called Penelles, about 1.5hrs from Barcelona for the excellent Gargar Festival. This was my first visit to the festival and it surpassed even my lofty expectations so expect the post to a bit shorter than normal as I am slightly tired from the running around. Wah wah wah!

This weeks round up features, guess who… yep you know it, David L who is back in his regular spot after a one week absence. Also I have a piece from Glasgow in Scotland that I managed to catch on my way home from Nuart Aberdeen and one from this past weekends Gargar festival.

First up is the aforementioned piece by David L from one of my visits to one of his many abandoned spots across Catalonia. The piece is of comic book superhero Hellboy and it just feels perfect for that spot. It’s also like the wall was left there just for David to create one of his characters on it, the perfect dimensions for his work. My personal favourite part of the piece is the floating cigar, with that little plume of light grey smoke against the grey background – absolutely incredible. It’s that attention to detail that makes David’s work really stand out, even when it’s as hidden as it possibly can be.

In all honesty I’m actually really struggling to think of what to write about this second piece by Australian artist Smugone in Glasgow. I mean, just look at it. It’s absolutely stunning. The colour tones, the shading, the finer details like the guys beard, the bobble on the hat and the folds on his clothing are all just out of this world. Also, the laces on his hoodie, my god! It’s a truly beautiful piece but tinged with a certain kind of sadness also. I think that this wall will probably go down as one of my all time favourites.

This last one is by Belgian artist Dzia and was done for this years wonderful Gargar festival. Well, it was done at the location of Gargar but I’m not 100% sure if it was actually part of the festival or not. Dzia had a larger wall in the town centre which he completed but I think this one along with another small piece that was in an abandoned place were a bit more ‘off Gargar’ than official pieces. This piece of an incredibly detailed bird is in Dzia usual abstract style with big bold geometric lines. Although the bird is very much ‘alive’ since it’s squawking ‘GARGAR’ there is a real taxidermy feel  here. I don’t know if that’s Dzia intention or not, to straddle the line of life and death but it’s certainly how I see it.

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2 thoughts on “3 of the best – Weekly round up

  1. Instead of Bristol/London, I am going to Catalunya coming Friday (I need sun, I am done with that grey weather of the last 9 months) and of course, Penelles is on my list. I was thinking: stay a night in Balaguer and make a day trip to Penelles? You have online street art map of Penelles:)? Lleida/Barcelona/Zaragoza is also on my itinerary. Wonderfull pieces of street art in this blogpost, looking forward to Penelles:)!

    1. Day trip to Penelles would be perfect. You can probably see it all within an hour or so depending on how many photos you like to take! I’m pretty sure there is a map on the website but failing that they sell them for 1 Eur in one of the cafes. It’s a very small village so I’d be surprised if you needed one though, collectors item maybe. There’s quite a few pieces in Lleida and some of the little towns around it (you would need a car) but Zaragoza I don’t know too much about! Barcelona however… I’ve got you covered for that!

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