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It’s Monday again but to brighten up those blues I’ve got a belter (there’s a Scottish word for you) of a round up for you this week. I’ve got a piece from last weekend’s amazing Gargar Festival , one that as per usual in Barcelona didn’t last long at all and also an excellent one from last month when I travelled back from Nuart via Glasgow. 

First up is the header piece, the one that really did not last long at all. I can’t decide how I feel about the fast paced scene here in Barcelona. On one hand I really enjoy the chase and running around tying to get pieces before they are tagged/buffed and it’s of course nice to get out of the house and get some sunshine and explore a little. On the other hand it’s just such a shame that so many amazing pieces appear and don’t even last 24hrs meaning only a handful of people have managed to see and appreciate them. It’s the game I suppose but it can be very frustrating at times.

Anyway, the piece is by Russian born Barcelona resident Sav45. I’ve definitely featured the works by Sav before on the page as he’s one of my favourite artists here. He doesn’t really paint all that much in the city maybe once every two months or so but he’s one that if I know he’s been out and painted I’ll drop everything to go and see the piece. This one really suits the urban environment of Tres Xemenenies the colours and style perfectly matching the brick chimneys that tower over the area. The piece itself is of a female figure who seems to be withering or floating away into the urban background. Really wonderful stuff by a supremely talented artist.

This second piece really intrigues me. It is by the Belgian artist Dzia and was part of this years Gargar festival. Well actually, that’s the part that intrigues me. I can’t decide if it was officially done for Gargar or Dzia went off script slightly and did this second piece just for the fun of it. I shared his main wall for Gargar last week in my round up piece but he did this one and another even more secret piece elsewhere in the village after completing the main piece. I get the feeling this one was approved but I like the idea of the artist not being satisfied with the main wall and doing some secret work in his down time. The piece is of a bold geometric bird squawking ‘Gargar’ but as I wrote previously about Dzia his work feels to me like the animals are actually no longer alive and only exist as taxidermy on a collectors wall.

I had a couple of hours to kill in Glasgow waiting for my flight home after being at Nuart Aberdeen so thought I would take the chance to do some exploring, hence that insane Smug gable end mural I shared last week.

This was another one of my finds, dragging a suitcase like a mad man along the streets of Glasgow. This, like a couple of others that I went to see was partly covered due to ongoing building works which initially really bugged me but now I actually think gives the piece a slightly different twist. The wall is by Glaswegian artist Rogue and is of a young girl playing pirates. The reason I think it works with all those pallets blocking the bottom of the piece is that now the girl looks like she come up from behind them to see whats going on from her make believe ship. Unfortunately the pallets do hide a toy monkey who is playing pirates with the little girl which is a shame to have missed out on but I’m just happy to have seen this piece as with all that building work around that area it’s only a matter of time before the wall disappears just like the little cuddly monkey.


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2 thoughts on “3 of the best – Weekly round up

  1. Great post, most enjoyable. I understand what you are saying about rapid turnover, but it is people like you and me that photograph and post such things for the benefit of all and posterity.

    Love the Dzia piece. He did a couple at Upfest last year too, but both on very legit walls.

    1. This is true, it definitely keeps me from getting lazy and spending too much time on the sofa that’s for sure.

      Yeah is’s very nice, there’s something very interesting about his work. Although maybe i’m looking into it too much, i don’t know. This one I think was ‘approved’ but he did one other that was certainly not.

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