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It’s a new week and therefore time for a round up of last weeks most popular posts on my IG feed. This week we have, yet again, three stunning pieces. Two come from the excellent Gargar Festival and one, well the artist of this one won’t come as much of a surprise to regular readers. 

First up is the epic header piece by the French duo MonkeyBird which was created just a few weeks ago for Gargar Festival. I already spoke a little bit about the piece in my festival round up but it truly is a sight to behold and I don’t mind chatting about it again.

Incredibly the piece is a stencil… something on that scale being a stencil really blows my mind.

Speaking to the artists, they told me that it took five days to cut everything then I think it was around three days to get it up on onto the wall. Very interesting to find out how much prep work goes on before these events, it’s not just a case of turning up and painting but actually probably weeks of sketching and planning before the actual event. Also the house I stayed at on the Saturday night looked onto the piece so it was the first thing I saw when I left on the Sunday morning. Like the street art version of a sunrise.

This second just as epic piece was also created for Gargar and is by Mexican artist Kinmx. This piece takes pride of place in a really prominent part of the village, just a few seconds walk from the main square. This was actually one of the first pieces I stopped to see properly when I arrived after a little bit of running around like a headless chicken. The piece is of a photo realistic woman with a head of electric blue hair. The hair actually looks like it’s forming round the woman’s head as opposed to being part of it. The character is also surrounded by beautiful and incredibly detailed flowers. The colours on the piece make it feel really positive but the woman’s stance looks a little defensive which creates a nice juxtaposed feel to the piece.

Is it really a weekly round up if I don’t feature the works of DavidL? I actually think I only have a few unshared pieces left on the hard drive so there might actually be a David free blog for a few months… I will have to try and rectify that ASAP.

This piece is of the queen of the hearts from Alice in Wonderland, specifically the Helena Bonham Carter version from the 2010 Tim Burton film. Could there be a more perfect location for this piece? It’s a small room so her head almost completely fills the wall, which I’m sure she would not tolerate being told! With the two red chairs in front of it matching her vibrant red hair, you could imagine her standing there twiddling her fingers behind two courtiers as she ponders sending another unfortunate soul to the executioner.

An incredible piece and well worth the five hour round trip to go and see it. I must be off my head…

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    1. Yeah a stencil… incredible when you think about it. David never fails to amaze, he’s been busy recently so fingers crossed i’ll go and hunt down some new works over the summer time.

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