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Welcome to the weekly round up on Nogreywalls brought to you from an increasingly hot Barcelona. This week there is a nice mix of work, one new one from Barcelona, one from Lisbon and yes one from DavidL. I think I might just retire the round up post when I run out of David’s work to share. 

First up this week we have, as always the header piece. This wall was completed just last week in Barcelona at the famous ‘Tres Xemeneies’ the busiest spot in the city centre for sure. The piece itself is by two artists completely unknown to me until I saw the wall – Franco Martinez & Lidia Viber. From a very brief Instagram convo I believe it’s both artists first ever wall in Barcelona and also the first time they have worked together.

The wall itself is very bright and colourful and also pretty abstract when you look up close… There are three bright pink flamingos taking a drink alongside a female figure who’s floating head reveals the flamingos egg nest. Really interesting stuff from two artists who’s work I’ll be keeping an eye on in the future.

This next piece is by the duo of Theic Licuado & Fitz Licuado and is one of the many walls in Quinta do Mocho to the north of Lisbon. The piece is called ‘Unity creates strength’  and was completed for the annual Loures Arte Publica which promotes art in some of the poorer suburbs of Lisbon.

The wall itself is of two female figures, one standing behind the other as they hold hands. Honestly, on first viewing it could be mistaken for a photo that someone has pasted up on the wall such is the level of realism. The details on both characters are out of this world, from the hair to the shirt buttons to the folds in the clothing, all of it is absolutely stunning. One of my favourite pieces from a very worthy community art project.

To be honest with you I’ve pretty much run out of superlatives to discuss DavidL’s work. This latest piece is of a gun toting Pulp Fiction era Samuel L. Jackson and is one of his newer works.  As with all of David’s pieces the characters features are over-exaggerated but subtly so and they are never too over the top.

Sam Jackson looks great in the abandoned building with all the rubble in front of him, almost like he is hiding behind the materials in front of him ready to pounce. I’m pretty sure that David thought the same when planning on which wall to put the character, there are no shortcuts here just supreme attention to detail.

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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

5 thoughts on “3 of the best – Weekly round up

  1. Each of these is great, but the David L,piece is just nothing short of utterly awesome. Ooh I wish he’d head over to Bristol.

    1. Maybe one day… I’d love to see him do festival work but doesn’t really seem to be his thing.

        1. I actually just remembered that he did do a wall at a festival last year in a small town to the North of Barcelona. So you never know, a surprise appearance at Upfest one year maybe 🙂

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