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It’s very rainy as I type this, good blogging weather since I am the most unorganised human and am never quite far enough ahead with blog as I would like. That said the rain means I can’t get out and explore which is what I love. I did actually get out this morning to check out the final pieces from a paint jam that I saw a bit of live on Saturday but I ended up getting drenched on the way back to the train so the sofa and laptop it is.

Last Monday was a bank holiday in England and therefore for me too as I work with the UK market for my ‘real’ job so it was a good excuse to get out of Barcelona and explore some new ground. I hopped on the train to a small town about 30 minutes north of the city called Rubi. Thankfully I have a friend (shoutout Judith) there which comes in handy for helping me get around and find some pieces I may not find on my own.

The first of those pieces is this epic one from the Petados Crew not too far from the train station. These guys are all from Rubi I believe so I think it’s a little easier for them to get approval from the local authority to do some larger pieces around town. They also organise an annual paint jam in the town centre which had some really great pieces last year.

The piece itself features a whole plethora of goings on, there’s a humpback whale being ridden by a spaceman, a child riding upon a giant duck, flying turtles, bins, trees, cars and an elephant (the town mascot) all hurtling towards a giant black hole. There’s also a couple of burners at each side of the piece that are breaking up and flying inwards towards the hole also. I have no real idea what the piece is supposed to signify but it really doesn’t matter as it looks simply amazing.

Honestly the level of detail on each little piece is absolutely incredible and these are clearly a group of artists at the top of their game. If this is the level of work they are producing then the paint jam in October is going to be a must see.

This next one is also from my trip to Rubi and is by an artist called Navy Muluk and was a bit of a lucky find as my friend had vaguely remembered seeing some pieces when driving but had no idea of the quality of the works. It was worth the de-tour as this piece is a cracker.

Upon seeing the piece I remembered I had seen Navy’s work before but I had completely forgotten about him for whatever reason. A quick check of Instagram tells me the piece is called ‘Intovert’ and it’s of a half clothed homo sapien sitting on a pile of pills whilst pouring more of them over his head. A very interesting piece and a nice critique of the pharmaceutical world.

This last piece is a new one from the legal walls of Barcelona and is by Russian artist and local resident SAV45. This is one of those that you hear has just been completed and go straight down to see as you don’t want to miss it before it’s inevitably buffed the next day.

Having seen SAV work before this piece probably took about an hour to complete as he works at an incredible pace. An hour is probably a bit of an exaggeration but it’s pretty crazy to see him create such beautiful pieces in such a short amount of time, that’s fat caps for you I guess! As you can see it’s a portrait piece of a female character full of colour and swirling lines that look almost like electricity flowing though her. Amazing work.




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2 thoughts on “3 of the best – Weekly round up

  1. That first piece by the Petados Crew is quite exceptional. The little details such as the ripples of light on the back of the whale, and the writing on the child’s green backpack are examples of this. I love the idea of a big story going on here, whatever it happens to be. I also love the contrast of this big statement being grounded by the street furniture in front of is, reminding us that this is a public space and free art for people to enjoy. Nice one.

    1. It really is. I had seen it on IG and I thought that it was just a good piece worth my time but nothing ‘special’ for want of a better word. But when i got there and saw all the details I immediately changed my opinion. I love finding pieces like this outside of the city. Almost every town is the same, full of walls such as this.

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