3 of the best – Weekly round up

It’s that time of the week again on nogreywalls where I showcase the three most liked photos this past week from my Instagram page.

Slight disclaimer in that I’m bending the rules slightly this week as some of the most liked or joint most liked pieces of art I actually want to delve into a little bit more detail about the next week or so. Don’t fret though, these photos were there or there about’s in the likes stakes.

The header photo is a piece by Aryz I found this one randomly whilst exploring Granollers with Fer Alcala . Aryz is an extremely famous and universally admired artist who’s work I had never had the fortune to come across until that day. Expect to see a lot more from this incredible artist on this blog over the coming weeks.

This next piece is by nogreywalls regular Conse with one of his hyper-realistic portrait pieces. The wall that this piece adorns is fast becoming Conse’s own personal outdoor art gallery. I think it’s up to 5 pieces side by side now. Some of which have lasted a very long time by legal walls standards, a testament to the strength of his work.


Last but by no means least is a piece from my personal favourite artist DavidL with a stunning piece that I was lucky enough to find whilst on an Urbex adventure at the tail end of 2017. The colours and details on this piece are simply stunning and it’s always worth the effort to go and hunt down David’s incredible work in the most far out places.


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