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It’s Monday again so it’s time for my weekly round up of the most liked posts from my nogreywalls Instagram page. This week’s round up is brought to you by a very tired me after a pretty intense weekend of shows, exploring new places, paint jams, music festivals, illegal painting and generally lots of walking around pointing my camera at things. I will have lots of nice shiny art pics to share with you all very soon though so well worth the effort and the red eyes!

Starting off this week with the header piece by French artist and Barcelona resident Manu Manu. I’ve definitely included Manu’s work in my round up’s before and he is prolific around the Poblenou district of the city, producing on average probably a new piece a week over the year. The piece is of a photograph called ‘love is all we have left’ by British photographer Lee Jeffries.

Lee Jeffries specialises in haunting black and white photos of homeless people but for this wall Manu has added colour to the piece, bringing a little more light to what is quite a touching but sad scene. Unfortunately I did not see Manu work on this one so I can’t confirm what materials he used (he switches depending on how he’s feeling) but I have the feeling that this one was done with sprays instead of paint and a huge roller. A really beautiful piece no matter how he made it.

The weekly round up running joke continues because look what’s next… yep you knew it was coming, a piece by DavidL. It wouldn’t be a round up without him would it!

This one I finally found a few months back on a trip to an abandoned restaurant with some urbex buddies. It’s a 2017 creation from David’s rats in the walls series but I’m pretty sure I had seen it on David’s Instagram page around the time he first painted it so I had to wait a good few months, maybe even a year before finally encountering it.

This piece unlike the majority of his latest works isn’t of any famous character or person but one of David’s own creations. It’s of a zombie looking kid wearing a backpack and rocking a very lovely pudding bowl hair cut… Pretty sure I had something similar as a kid! I can’t decide if the kid is actually a zombie or he just looks like one because he has to go to school and he finds it pretty pointless. Either way, it’s an awesome piece and as with all David’s pieces just seems to fit the location perfectly.

The last piece is another one I’ve known about for a while now but had absolutely no idea where it was located so as you can imagine it was a pleasant surprise to come across it whilst hunting for something else a few weeks ago.

The wall is by the masterful Treze who I’m sure most readers will know is sadly no longer with us. It was a nice feeling to see the piece still looking amazing in it’s full glory with no tags or silly stuff just clear respect for a truly amazing artist.

The piece itself has the face of a female alongside a fox surrounded by smoke, both smiling softly with their eyes closed. The piece has such a gentle feel to it and the fact that Treze was able to create those colours and textures using sprays and not water colours is truly incredible.  It’s just such a pretty piece of work and I am totally in love with it!






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  1. Three humdingers there, each one a beauty. There was a Treze piece in Bristol a little while back and before I knew who he was I had fallen in love with it, so I know what you are saying.

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