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The world cup might be on but the biggest shock of the week might be here as last week I forgot to post a photo of a DavidL piece on Instagram so for the first time in what feels like forever it’s a DavidL free round up! I think I was joking a few weeks back about cancelling the round up once there was no more pieces by David to post but thankfully this was just an oversight on my part and it was just a joke…

So this week we have the standard three pieces, two of which are by artists that are either brand new or reasonably new to me. Always nice to find new artists and try and find some room in my brain to remember them all!

The header piece and the close up below is by Belgian graffiti and tattoo artist Djoels. I believe the artist was in town for a few days on holiday but like most artists I see that visit Barcelona they always tend to get at least one piece up before heading home. Djoels actually left us with three pieces in her short time here, one of which had disappeared before I got to the spot. Well… I think I was in the right spot at least.

This one that I did find is an absolute peach of a wall. It’s situated a little bit out of the city at a caravan/mobile home parking place which has a surprising amount of good art on the walls but isn’t one I frequent all too often. The black and white piece (an ode to her tattooing maybe) features a very striking woman staring intently at something fronted by a stunning goldfish with layers upon layers of it’s tail fin creating a really beautiful image.

I don’t have a clue what the piece means, if it means anything at all but It’s down right stunning and I’m delighted that Djoels chose Barcelona as it’s home.

This next piece is by Aram Rah ArtCronosone and Dani Berenguer who are all fairly new artists to me. I actually found the piece as I had went looking for some works by the guys after seeing a collection of photos on Instagram and deciding to check out a few new towns I hadn’t explored previously. This piece I actually found just out of nosiness as it was in the wrong direction to where I was heading out of the train station but the building just looked promising and couldn’t be ignored.

It was a good plan as I found this cracking piece below. The wall features three brightly coloured skulls, all really well detailed with some great shading, I particularly like the enormous open jaw on the main skull. The skulls are surrounded by some really intricate and vibrant shapes that remind me in a way of the work of L7 Matrix which is no bad thing.

Yet another excellent piece hiding outside of the city which just shows how many amazing and creative artists are all round Catalonia.

This weeks final piece is by an artist who’s work I’ve shared plenty times before on this page – Bublegum. The wall was actually a collaborative one with another favourite of mine Mr Oner but his excellent writing had been buffed by the time I got myself to the location so I had to ‘settle’ for the portrait piece! As regular readers will be aware Bublegum specialises in hyper realistic portrait work and this piece is no different.

It’s the little details that get me every time with Buble’s work, for example the piece is situated right by the sea so he has the characters hair being blown across her face as if by the sea breeze. This is real attention to detail by an artist who really is at the top of his game right now.






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2 thoughts on “3 of the best – weekly round up

  1. Love the first and last pieces. It is interesting how tattooists often make great street artists. They work on such different surfaces, with different materials and on a very different scale

    1. It is a funny thing but they do seem to have a knack for it. The Lisbon one from last week, he’s a tattoo artist also. Just very talented and hard working people I guess.

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