3 of the best – Weekly round up

This weeks round up is going to be short and sweet, mainly as I am writing it right now, as in right now, Monday morning! The ever increasing heat in Barcelona and the world cup is making me a little bit lethargic so it’s some very last minute typing before work this morning!

As always I have three beauties to share with you, starting off with the header piece which is a collaboration between KramSaturno & Eledu all mainstays of the Barcelona scene. This is yet another piece that I had no idea existed and only found as I went to explore an area of the city to find a friends new piece. Low and behold this one was sitting on the wall opposite. It’s from 2016 which means this spot isn’t all that popular or there’s a bit more respect out there than in the city.

It’s a really fun and wild piece with Kram’s trucker elephant resplendent in cap and jeans carrying a needle to which Saturno’s green gassy monsters reside. It looks as if this elephant has already got his fix as the green gassy rabbits are already filling his stomach and coming out the other end as Eledu’s gas character billows out into the sky. A great piece with tiny details that add so much, like the elephants tongue piercing.

I feel that there are much more pieces like this lurking away all over Catalonia.

Up next is another collaboration wall, this time featuring the works of TxemyChristian Blanxer and Puerto Rican artist Don Rimx. This wall is one that I rarely visit but after seeing an in process story post on Instagram from one of the artists I made a point of heading down a few days later when time allowed. With my fingers crossed that it was still there.

The piece itself really shows off the individual skills of each artist and they have all managed to incorporate their own style into the piece without compromise. Something that is a great skill in itself.

So you get Cristian’s brilliant hyper realistic portrait in the middle flanked by Txemy’s pastel coloured hands and Don Rimx’s nods to Puerto Rican culture with the beads and wood structures. By the way I am always amazed that Txemy’s pieces are done with spray, It’s quite hard to believe that those colour tones are not made by chalk!

Also note to Barcelona city council, please move that bench for a cleaner shot in the future, thanks!

Last but by no means least is this weird, wonderful and surreal piece by an artist I only know as ‘Megan’ I’ve not managed to find anything online about this artist and none of the other pictures I’ve seen on IG have a tag attached to them either. I don’t know if this is a new local artist or someone just passing through but I will endeavour to find out as I love this type of work and I’d like to see more.

So how to describe this… well there is a house, that may or may not be partly made of some kind of dinosaur with a long tail and stubby legs. The house is surrounded by what looks like desert since it’s brown and has cactus but then the little bright creatures who live there are swimming and rowing boats in it. Maybe it’s quick sand? Honestly I’ve no idea what the hell is going on but it really is awesome to look at! I guess the taggers of BCN though the same as it went untouched for over a week which is pretty good going in the current climate here.


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