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It’s a very sticky Monday morning in Barcelona after a very hot and sunny weekend. Summer has finally and properly arrived which is great for getting out there and watching artists work and also search for old and new pieces across Catalonia. It does mean a lot of sweating and a lot of water breaks for this pasty Scotsman however!

Last week was a very busy one for me with work, shows, exploring etc. It seems to be really picking up here just now as there are a couple of shows a week and graffiti jams all over the place each weekend. We are also seeing the annual summer influx of artists who are in Spain or Europe for a festival and pop into Barcelona for a few days to create a few pieces. It’s very hard to keep up with it all but it’s really enjoyable trying.

All three pieces I’m sharing this week are either fairly new or just fairly new to me and I’ve found them all in the last seven days. Two of them in the city centre which of course are reasonably easy to search out but the header piece was one of those lucky finds.

It’s by Bublegum who’s work I have shared many times on this page. The piece is somewhere out of the city, near Llobregat underneath a motorway bridge. I only came across this piece as I was being lazy one Saturday afternoon and hopped on a bus to come back home and saw it out of the window. Of course I went back to hunt it down the week after.

Bublegum’s work is most often a portrait of a striking female face. This one is no different and as usual the highlights and textures are simply sublime. Again, the small details are what makes the piece and things like the shadow of the eye lashes on the characters cheek really take this piece up a notch.

The artist himself told me that orientation is not really his strong point and that he doesn’t remember where the piece is, so I won’t be asking him for any tips in the future I guess!

I’ve also shared the work of Peruvian artist and Barcelona resident Bronik many times on this page. This piece is only a few weeks old and is hidden away down a pretty quiet street in the city’s Born barrio. Bronik leans heavily on Peruvian culture in her work, living in Barcelona does not mean she has forgotten her routes.

This piece on a double doorway is called ‘Balance’  and is described by the artist as “Ideally, your heart should be in your skull and your brain in your chest. That way, we would think with love, and love with intelligence”

Bronik has a solo show this week so if any readers are in the Barcelona area check out the never mind bar from the 5th July and support an amazing artist.


This doorway by Txemy was one of my easier finds what with it being two streets down from where I live. Very considerate from the artist to make my life easy! This is a pretty new piece, which is actually covering up a previous one he had in the same space. I’m not sure if this is going to be a trend or not with him updating the wall every few months but it would be pretty interesting if that’s the case.

Txemy’s work has a lot of faces and hands but this one is a bit more abstract than normal, a sign of an artist becoming even more comfortable and confident in their work. The artist is actually running a small competition on his Instagram page asking his followers to give their best story/meaning behind the piece with the winner receiving a numbered and signed print. A very nice touch.







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