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I don’t really want to start each week complaining about the weather especially when the sun is shining all day long but good god it’s hot as hell in Barcelona right now. That said, the locals can handle the sun better me so there’s a lot going on at the moment, paint jams, big mural projects, monthly interventions and generally just a lot of artists and crews getting out there and spending their days painting on the streets. 

With that in mind, I’ve got a banging round up this week. I’ve got two pieces from artists who flew in just to paint for a few days and left behind cracking walls. And also after a short absence DavidL returns to the blog… normal service has been resumed.

One of the artists who was in town for a short time was Argentinian Cobre. Cobre was passing by on his way to the Citric festival near Valencia but spent a whole four days working on this legal wall. Now that is commitment if ever I’ve seen it, four days on a legal wall in this city requires a different level of patience and calmness with how quickly work gets tagged/buffed here.

The artist from Santa Fe had the world cup fever and painted his national team icon (along with Barcelona icon) Lionel Messi. As you can see the level of detail and realism in this piece is next level and the time spent on the wall really shows in the final piece. I watched Cobre add the final touches to the piece and even then he was still adding little details to the beard and the lighting on Messi’s cheeks. Absolutely incredible work from an incredible artist.

Cobre at Tres Xemeneies Barcelona

LA based artist Kiptoe was in town around the same time as Cobre, I believe Barcelona was a small stop off on his way to a festival in Berlin. Thankfully he had enough time to leave us with this absolute beauty on one of the legal walls in the city centre.

The artist said on Instagram that he was “Exhausted and feeling the effects of solo travel when I painted this one, maybe I was channeling the feeling that I must carry on” The piece reminds of the Phantom superhero cartoon I watched when I was a kid but the character has been painted in this beautiful sunburnt orange instead of purple.

This piece did jog my memory about the Billy Zane version of the Phantom film… one to forget is putting it politely!

Kiptoe at Tres Xemeneies Barcelona

DavidL is back on the page after a few weeks without him. Was digging back the archives last week to see if there was any of his pieces I was yet to post and it turns out I’ve loads left so expect to see him back in his regular spot each week.

This one is from his favourite spot about two hours drive out of Barcelona. I last visited in early April and I reckon he’s added another eight or so pieces to the walls there so I’m due another trip back soon.

This piece is David’s take on Superman. I get the impression David isn’t Superman’s biggest fan as he’s taken a bit of a beating here, with his big purple eye and bloody nose and lip. Maybe David prefers Batman and is one of the fans that believe Batman could win in a fight between the two.

As per usual the piece is stunning with the blood splattered wall & the little plaster on Superman’s chin particular favourites of mine.

Superman by DavidL in an abandoned building






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