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I’m writing this week’s round up late on Sunday evening after a day of some exploring around three towns outside of Barcelona. Two of these ‘pueblos’ I’ve not been too for six months to a year and one I had never visited previously. Also there was a cheeky little visit to an abandoned building that yielded some pretty amazing results!

Lets get into it, first up is a collaboration piece from Aram Rah Art and Dani Berenguer. I first came across these guys work through Instagram, as per usual, and took a trip out of the city to see their work a few weeks back as all their pieces seemed to be in a few areas that are short train journeys away.

In the few weeks since I went hunting these guys seem to be coming more and more into the city to paint and this is one of a couple of pieces that have popped up recently. Unfortunately both times I went down to shoot the wall I was defeated by the shade and I never did manage to get a good shot of the full wall before it was tagged.

It’s a really interesting piece with some great colours and textures. There’s quite a vintage quality to the characters faces and the animals that swirls around them. The piece almost feels like it’s rusted in the rain. Hopefully these guys keep coming back to the centre of BCN to paint on a regular basis.

Next up is this piece by the indomitable Treze in the town of Manresa to the north west of Barcelona. Manresa seems to be some kind of capital or city of culture in Spain this year so there are new murals and walls popping up all over the place (more on that later) but this one is, for obvious reasons a little bit older.

I don’t really know what to say about Treze’s work other than he was an absolute master and this piece shows off the talent he had with these beautifully painted and coloured clashing animals. I love those little flecks of paint flying off his creations, like they are breaking up mid flight or run. Simply stunning work.

The last piece this week is by Bublegum who must be getting close to being the new DavidL with his regular appearances in this column.

This wall is something a little different from Buble. Yes it’s a hyper realistic portrait piece, this time of a cat instead of a woman but and it’s quite a bit but, he’s added a cartoonish mask (or brown paper bag) over the cats face. It did take me a couple of seconds to figure out what was going on with the cartoon-ish mouth really confusing me but I really like it. It just adds another string to Buble’s bow and shows that he’s not just a portrait artist but he can add something a little different to his work as well.



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8 thoughts on “3 of the best – weekly round up

    1. Me also, I found 3 last weekend during an explore. Very happy to say they are still in perfect condition. He’s getting crazy that guy, expanding his range, he’s at MOS in Copenhagen this month, nice to see him get a chance to paint at a festival elsewhere.

        1. Sadly not. I have two friends painting there in Tim Marsh and Bronik but i’m going to be in Berlin that weekend now. I really want to get there next year, already planning out all my festivals!

          1. Thank you very much. Enjoy the festival and I look forward to your round up!

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